On The Gulf Times Prognosis Of A Favourable UNP Outcome.An Analysis.

Gotabhaya-Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.) For LankaWeb

An apathetic partisan outburst would be apt to describe the Editor of the Sunday Times writing to the Gulf Times on the outcome of the General Election which in his opinion would return the UNP to power. Prestigious though his title may be, he seems to have jumped on the UNP bandwagon a little too soon as there are many pointers towards the opposite of his prognosis where the masses far outnumber the business and private sector voters and there can be no predictions at this stage about who will win the Elections and if anything, there seems to be strong leanings towards the JVP whose manifesto has been embraced at grass roots level and will be a catalyst towards returning the PA to power.There appears to be no concensus from real sources that the tide will turn in favour of the UNP and their sleazy alliances with Pro-LTTE splinter groups and gutless deserters from the PA.

The demise of the UNP must surely come with their underground collaboration with the LTTE and the man on the street is fast becoming aware of the dangers involved in returning the UNP to power.It will be interesting to perceive whether the LTTE would launch any aggression towards the UNP Campaign now that the trail is well on its way and hardly likely as the LTTE would not precipitate a turn of events which would kill the proverbial 'Goose that lays Golden Eggs' as they consider the UNP a better bargaining tool for secession, annexation of real estate, and more easily intimidated and coerced into accepting their terms. Hence the sudden increase of attacks on civilian and Military targets by the LTTE to distract the outcome of the Election in their false beleif that it would help the UNP campaign.More than likely it will bury it!! A vast majority of the voting public are convinced that this is a time for radical change and there may be surprises in store for the 'Soothsayers!'

In a phony cloak of pretense, the two faced UNP leader voices sentiments about the attrocities of the LTTE while sending his emissaries to participate in LTTE private gatherings and there are too many coincidences to dispel any doubts that the UNP indeed are in cahoots with the LTTE, reason enough for the LTTE to now turn away from the Presidential invitation to re- commence peace negotiations unconditionally, which in principle is also inadvisable.

Regardless of errors of judgement by the PA during its tenure there is no reason to beleive the credibilities of the UNP as a ruling power who for generations have catapulted Sri Lanka into financial and civil turmoil and have systematically emptied the coffers while lining their pockets, almost wiped out the Middle Class , the rich having got richer and the poor, poorer and their record alone is totally sufficient to contradict the opinion of the honored Editor writing to the Gulf Times in a propagandistic mentality where the conjectured return of the UNP to power is a figment of the imagination according to a survey conducted in rural areas and far removed from reality!!

Then there is the question of electoral proxies as opposed to the popular vote where the likelihood of both ending up on an even par due to the strength of the JVP is more than likely by comparison with the previous election and a point for the speculators of a favourable outcome for the UNP to ponder upon. The UNP's expectations of victory is destined to be stymied by their bombastic totalitarian attitude towards the common man, the misconception that public office is a 'Lucky Dip' of sorts and their wayward meanderings with the LTTE.


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