The Immediate Rhetorical Responses to Proscription.

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The LTTE Have Been Proscribed by Great Britain!.
Quite aptly a far seeing Military Leader was quick to comment"Lets hope it leads to a logical conclusion" and righly so as the proscription, final and definitive as it sounds has to be ratified by two Houses of Parliament and is quite conciliatory considering the two appeal levels incorporated to the proscription and not quite 'Draconian' and 'Stringent' as Anton Balasingham has made it sound in his immediate response.

Then there are the human rights pundits who voice their opinion that this is not in favour of those who protest and oppose Tyrannical Regimes quite forgetting the murderous destructive outcome of terrorism and the masses of humanity which suffer as a result, together with the pathetic lament of affected entities that it would hinder the peace process and motivate the Sri Lankan Government to intensify their operations but the stark reality of it all is that SRI LANKA HAS SUFFERED LONG ENOUGH AT THE HANDS OF RUTHLESS TERRORISTS AND FINALLY THE WORLD IS PAYING ATTENTION and all these negative postscripts which have little or no relevance should be shelved and smothered in the consoling thought that this is poetic justice although the end of the road is still some distance away.

There are whispers which are becoming rather audible, that the Canadian Government too is considering similar actions to proscribe the LTTE together with a list of other hardline terrorist groups which would really be a welcome mandate towards assuring the Free World that International Terrorism is intolerable and that there are no compromises other than seeing it eradicated. Spurred on by the Canadian Alliance, Canada is leaning heavily towards imposing strict anti-terrorist laws supportive of those already initiated according to recent Parliamentary Reports.

It is far too early to celebrate although it may be time for a sigh of releif that the anguish of so many who gave so much for their beloved land has resulted in sharpening the insight of the leading Democracies of the world who are treading a just path for a just cause.


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