SLMC and the Rest of the Renegade Dissentors Confused With no Direction.

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Mr.Rauf Hakeem's insecurities have prompted him to threaten litigation against the Chief of Police as has his comrade in arms Prof.G.L. Peiris.both demanding various concession and unsure of their personal safety despite the sound safety packages already given.

Also bickering in the same tone of voice and constantly looking over their shoulders for some reason are the rest of the dissentors who orchestrated the weakening of the PA and the subsequent dissolution of Parliament by their improprieties and indiscretions directed purely towards personal gain and the perks offered by big businesmen. So is this a vindication by circumstance of their apathetic decisions which seem to have left them floundering in a sea of indecision created by their mentors the UNP?.

In a manner of speaking, disunity seems to follow Mr. Hakeem around as it is commonly known that the Muslim community is split in loyalties between him and Mrs Ashraff, the widow of the previous legitimate leader of the Muslim Alliance and carries a ne'er do well brash attitude into his political affairs on a regular basis, attempting to 'stuff his point of view down throats' of his own community who more often than not tend to disagree with his policies, categorically deemed 'eccentric' and unsuitable to the well being of his community and the political climate of Sri Lanka.

To compound his worries, he has displayed arrogance and aggression in opposing the Government on many occassion with his obtuse demands which resulted in his ignominious ejection from the Government Benches and still continues his harranging when there are greater priorities for the IGP to worry about than his personal safety which if it is a consternation to him should be remedied through a long vacation during the tenure of the General Election.

The rest of the dissentors such as Messers. Dissanayake, Kiriella, Prof. Peiris and the band of happy campers who walked out on the Government at a time of need, now displaying their personal insecurities similar to the tune of Mr Hakeem should re-think their strategies, options and their viabilities resulting from their un-parliamentary actions which caused the present predicament for themselves as well as the entire Nation at a time when unity should have taken precedence over their personal needs.

Should the tide turn agaist them which now seems almost inevitable, as they too will be adjudged betrayers of the Nation in collaboration with the UNP leaning towards the pro LTTE Alliance, they will only have themselves to blame.

That these individuals keep harping on the lack of security for themselves, cautioning the Administration of what they might do as reprisals, and their expressions of trepidations through the negative scenarios of accusations presented by them such as anticipated vote rigging, intimidation and falsification of votes and a list of other corrupt practises are actions of losers.

Actions which they are more likely to resort to, given the opportunity, in order to win at any cost an election they seem to be poised to lose.They do in fact sound rather confused and seem to be headed in no positive direction.


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