Words of Wisdom by Major Paul Marks.

Suranimala for Lankaweb

The Joint Forces Quarterly's report by Joint Chief of Staff Major Paul Marks urging the U.S. Administration in Washington to send Military Advisors to Sri Lanka to help defeat the LTTE is a result of painstaking research and an in depth look at the implications of the likelihood of their expanding operations in the US and Europe together with all of Asia, a dangerous reality if left unremedied.

The Transnational Threat seen in hindsight by Major Marks is furher accentuated by his strategical analysis of the need for short term training led by US direction as according to his study, there seems to be no coherent military doctrine to formulate a National War Policy and co-ordinate planning in the field which seems to be a rather a heavy utterance at this stage in view of the huge successes of Kinihira IX with elite leadership but as constructive criticism it should be well taken. His recommendations incorporate the considerations that Sri Lanka is a candidate for American Aggressive Engagement Programmes which would help contain the escalation of the present armed insurrection and defeat the LTTE in 3 years.

Due to the rapid deployment needs of the Armed Forces and its growth rate, A National War Plan and efficient training for operatives is seen aa a definite recommendation in order to eliminate certain shortcomings of success in the field, a 'Theatre Approach' and the capability to integrate assets which must surely refer to the annexation of territory and the ability to hold it. A most welcome recommendation package as far as the Armed Forces are concerned and an ominous 'death knell' for the LTTE and for the sake of posterity and the future of Sri Lanka, one, it is hoped will be implemented soon. Our heartfelt salutations as a Nation to the magnanimity of Major Marks and his insight based on high intelligence and great strategy.


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