LTTE and their idle threats to "deserters'!

Nandimithra- JSBI for Lankaweb

As reported in The Hindu, Prabhakaran of the LTTE has issued insidious warnings and threats to 'deserters' within the rank and file of the LTTE and this has to be interpreted as a 'chink in his armour'. Such threats are issued from leaderships of organizations such as the LTTE only at a time when their confidence is being tested prior to their anticipated anihilation.Hitler's Nazis were known to have expressed similar threats based on Nazi apprehensions of their impending demise which followed after the notorious Nazi War Machine was effectively demolished by the Western Alliance regardless of the non similarities between the two entities other than the displayed ruthlesness, which in the case of the LTTE just as the Nazis will probably be the deciding factor towards their demise.

It is rather late in the day for the LTTE to utter threats at dissenters who choose to walk away from terrorism and follow a path of reason and collaborate with a democratically elected Government which will be fully prepared to ensure their safety in appreciation for their sense of logical reasoning and insight into the hopelesness of the idealogies of the LTTE which they were falsely led into believing as an ultimate choice!The solace of the cyanide capsule is fast being negated as a worthwhile alternative and many 'LTTE Cadre', to use the expression are making a viable choice in favour of their survival and crossing over to the 'other side' with no compunctions.


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