Defeat LTTE terrorists

Richard de Silva From Colombo

The vast majority of Sri Lankans wish and pray that the Tiger terrorist (LTTE) would be eliminated after defeating them militarily. But this is not what some of the western states want. These states insist that the Sri Lankan government talk peace with the LTTE and its leader and come to a negotiated settlement. They also believe that there can't be any negotiated settlement without the LTTE leader Prabhakaran participating in such talks.

The terrorist tigers knowing well the thinking of some of those states which have amply shown as to whom they want to support and rescue from the Sri Lankan military action, declared a unilateral "cease-fire" on December 24th , 2000. The terrorists expected their friends to pressurise the Sri Lankan government to declare a similar cease-fire creating a conducive climate for "peace" talks. This so-called unilateral ' cease-fire ' was only a trick or a ploy to hoodwink the international community. This cease-fire was observed only in the breach and the terrorists have broken this cease-fire on more than 175 occasions. Except for one or two states the international community is convinced that the LTTE are the most despicable terrorist in the world. The international antipathy for the Tiger terrorists grew with the USA declaring them as a terrorist organisation and banning them in America.

This was followed by a greater blow dealt by the UK government. It was a psychological and physical one.

The LTTE was listed as a terrorist organisation under the UK Anti Terrorist Act of 2001. Here the Sri Lankans must salute President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga for the brave stand she took along with the Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar to convince the Britishers of the nature of terrorism the LTTE indulged in. We must also thank the government , the President , the Prime minister, and the Deputy Defence Minister for continuing the military operations despite the bogus cease-fire of the LTTE.

This so called unilateral cease-fire of the LTTE was also a ploy to prevent British government from banning the LTTE in the UK, and also to buy time to reorganise itself with better weapons and more cadre. All ethnic groups in Sri Lanka would be grateful to foreign minister Kadirgamar for driving home this fact to the international community, and exposing the LTTE in its true light. Minister Kadirgamar did not consider it futile to attempt convincing western democracies and the European union states, of the real intentions of the LTTE. His diplomacy paid dividends for Sri Lankan government. He demonstrated to the world community how deceptive the LTTE and its leaders were. Now the world powers understand why the Sri Lankan government did not reciprocate the Tiger declaration of "unilateral cease-fire."

With the formation of the European union and the demise of communism and the Soviet Union a new world order has come into being. This global order will resist any group of terrorists or separatists trying to split existing unitary states and form their own states.

That is why some of the most powerful countries like USA, UK, and the European union have formed new anti-terrorist laws and resolutions to ban terrorist operations and collecting funds within those states. The emerging new global order will want more democracy. Although democracy withstood the cold war, the onslaught of the world communist system, fascism and racism, yet it is not totally insulated from fanatical fascists like the LTTE terrorists and the Taliban extremists of Afghanistan.

Whatever vandalism one facist group does in the world is supported by other such groups. One concrete example is the recent Taliban vandalism in Afghanistan where the priceless cultural icons of Buddhist era of Afghanistan was destroyed.

The LTTE electronic news bulletin - The Circle Digest published by the Tamil Circle, supported the Taliban's act of vandalism to the hilt. This pro-LTTE bulletin endorsing the destruction of Buddha statues asked " who would want to keep the idol of Buddha in a country whose orthodox religion is Islam? Why do you want to keep the 150ft tall Buddha statues in a desert region where only camel riders can have a glance.

The LTTE in their news bulletin published in the Circle Digest of March 26th also states "Muslims all over the world do not condemn the destruction of these Buddha statues since Afghanistan has a Muslim population." This has been stated in an apparent bid by the LTTE to justifying this wild act of much despised Taliban. The LTTE are also well noted vandalists who have carried out attacks on places of Buddhist worship such as Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy , and the Sri Maha Bodiya in Anuradapura which are historical and heritage sites protected by UNESCO. All the Buddhist places of worship in the North and some in the East had been destroyed by the LTTE. Jaffna Naga Vihara was one of them. There is no difference between Taliban and the LTTE in their acts of vandalism of Buddhist cultural heritage.

However it is significant fact that the Talibans and the LTTE are great friends and that is why the Taliban supplied the LTTE with stinger missiles to attack Sri Lanka Air Force planes.

How ironical it is for the LTTE to support Taliban an extremist Islamic sect today, when in Oct 1990, these Tiger terrorists carried out an ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the whole of the Northern Province. Nearly 100,000 Muslims were driven out of their ancestral homes in the North by the gun totting LTTE cadres. The ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the North was carried out in four districts of Kilinochchi , Mullaitivu , Mannar and Vavuniya with in 48 hours , starting from 7.00 am on October 22nd 1990. However the LTTE terrorists gave only 2 hours for the Muslims of Jaffna to quit their homes. The LTTE cadres went from house to house plundering the gold jewellery of the Muslim women and children. All their money was also grabbed by the Tigers. There were more than 100 mosques in the North, but now almost all had been destroyed.

The antipathy of the international community against the LTTE is now growing at a pace never seen before especially after the UK's ban of the LTTE.

Soon after this ban the British High Commission made the following announcement. " The UK continues to believe that the only way to find a permanent solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is through negotiated settlement which addresses the aspirations of all communities with in a Unitary State."

In a recent speech the US Ambassador Ashley Willss said, " we reject the idea of an independent Tamil state carved out of Sri Lankan territory. We regard the LTTE as a terrorist organization and do not believe it is the sole representative of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. We are also for Tamil rights. The Tamil people must be treated equally respectfully and with dignity within a democratic Sri Lankan state whose exact political form should be determined. The people of this country or we do not believe Sri Lanka or any part of it, is the special preserve of any one ethnic group, indeed we regard Sri Lanka as a multi-ethnic , multi-religious , multi-lingual, multi-cultural state.


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