Wake Up Calls Sent To The PA-JVP MOU , Paradoxes Of Fictitious Minds!

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There appears to be no felt need for the wake up calls sent to the PA-JVP Alliance as they have begun delivering their pledges to the best of their ability contrary to a few dissatisfied individuals who express a rather biased opinion contrary to the Nation's needs as though the secret to success in the present circumstances lie in their distorted vision.

Perhaps the wake up calls need to be sent to individuals wrapped up in their personal emotions in order jar them to reality!. This is not a time to ridicule the Government in power which has finally restored some order into an otherwise chaotic tenure having had to fight off the power hungry opposition sharks, maintain calm and deal with a tumultuous terrorist problem .It seems ungracious and ungrateful for any criticism directed towards the MOU between the PA and the JVP and least of all the usage of sinhala slang to ridicule it!! There are those within and without the Nation who wonder whether such outbursts in the form of published news items merit their inclusion on prestigious News Sites and what motivates them! .Lessons certainly have been learnt.

It is hard to 'divine' the expectations of those who send wake up calls in the form of insults to a ruling alliance based on what they feel is negligence and indifference towards the USA in crisis when everything necessary and more has been done to placate, convey sympathy and unequivocal support pledged where even the Nation's Air and Naval Facilities have been made available to the USA and the Coalition against Terrorism and it seems also totally unfair to denigrate the Sri Lankan Government in the face of all odds concerning the LTTE problem which has been overcome to a greater part and the LTTE are probably waiting for a last hurrah before their death knell! which may by far supercede wake up calls by misguided individuals!.

The cruel references to the President's late husband and accusations of 'flirtations with the terrorists' seem to be based on misinterpreted and misrepresented facts taken out of context where the only eventuality at the time was a stand of moderation and conciliatory gestures towards the ruthless terrorists who eventually took his life. To go beyond the realm of moderation which many believe is unnecessary the President has almost sacrificed her life and sight on behalf of what appears to be certain ungrateful individuals or elements who time and time again vent their frustrations based on trivialities where all or most of the priorities which need to be looked into are being done so systematically despite obstacles placed by personal ideologies and criticism which sometimes escalate into wrongfully swaying public opinion.

One has to bear in mind that The President and her allies have been audibly outspoken against International Terrorism and have faced their adversaries with nobility, courage and dignity in executing the most difficult task of administering a Nation as turbulent as Sri Lanka in the face of two faced suggestions by a few world leaders who eventually relented their self opinions and joined the mainstream of support for the Government of Sri Lanka in the war against terrorism.

On accusations that the Government is harboring terrorist sympathisers within the cabinet which is conjecture, it may be difficult for an ordinary mind to grasp the concepts of diplomacy and protocol based on a reversible equation where the importance of minority representation as well as that of workers which stabilises as well as upholds the precepts of Democracy is imperative and has to be dissociated from an autocratic regime comparable to what the UNP envisions. It is not the harboring of terrorist sympathisers to the extent of notables such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena who has displayed an arrogant but subtle willingness towards being involved in LTTE activities while participating in Administrative Politics which seemed to be commonplace during the Premadasa Era which was more than moderate towards the LTTE and now appears to be covertly continued by the present UNP Leadership in spite of strong denials to this effect and the lack of hard evidence to confirm it.

There is no need for panic and hysteria in sending wake up calls already sent, as with the exception of a few, most World Leaders have approved the steadfast approach taken by the Sri Lankan Government in its fight against terrorism, pledging their support.

Rome was not built in a day although Troy was destroyed in a relatively shorter space of time due to complacencies of the Trojans which is inapplicable to the semantics of Sri Lanka's dilemma with the LTTE. Nevertheless the task of overcoming Sri Lanka's immediate problems which involve panaceas for Socio- Economic issues and internal armed insurrections together with a plethora of other issues created by a selfishly motivated opposition is by no means easy and it would greatly facilitate the PA-JVP MOU if unnecessary hurdles were not created in the form of indiscreet paradoxes emanating from fictitious minds.


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