The Brits. seem to be losing their 'grits' after one loss

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The complaints about the bumpiness of the roads are numerous, the World Service of the BBC (Sportsworld and Sports News) are very reluctant to publicise the last test match pre-empting it for petty news items suggesting an attitude of sore losers.Are the Brits., losing their 'grits'? It is hoped not!!

Suddenly the proverbial back pains emerge, disillusionment and gloom seems to have set in although at the beginning of the tour their optimism was running high and if they need cheering up it cannot be done at the expense of the cricket fans and the Tour schedule.

South Africa, Australia and Zimbabwe did not complain about their recent tours to Sri Lanka and enjoyed the conditions and hospitality immensely, albeit a few resounding thrashings at the hands of the Lankans which were accepted in the spirit of sportsmanship, so what's going on?
The manner in which the English cricketers presently on tour are carrying on suggests drudgery and misery which is ungracious on their part as Sri Lanka have a reputation for being wonderful hosts whose image should not be needlessly tarnished. "Get your act together Naseer Hussain and Co., play the game to the best of your abilities and stop bickering. Motivate!!You have a great bunch of players".

True enough, some of the umpiring decisions did not go their way and poor Graeme Hick was suspended a game for a minor oversight on his part but all this has to be taken in stride.Were not the Lankans in certain overseas games virtually driven to exasperation and frustration though they never gave up as the team spirit privailed and was kept together by wonderful leadership and eventually got into high gear again.
The English Selectors did not send out a team of aging 'Ninnies' who whine at the drop of a hat and hold their backs intermittently. On the contrary they are a young team aspiring to climb back to the glory days of English Cricket who seem to lack motivation and react with bitterness to defeat against a better team so they had better muster up their courage and 'play the game'.

If the multitudinous crowds seem partisan at times, they are merely cheering the home side on, Indian and Pakistani crowds are the same and England has had many experiences playing in front of similar multitudes and in Sri Lanka's case never unruly like some of its neighbours, certainly a distraction.
It was England who lent flair to the game of cricket and was bent on preserving its dignity and it is upto them to revamp their resolve and add a bit of charm and lustre to the rest of the tour, not dampen it.

The Great John Arlott had a knack of cheering up and brightening the foggiest and gloomiest of games with his commentary. "As the smoke from the chimney stacks in the distance rise into the clouds, on this rather overcast and gloomy afternoon at Old Trafford , Miller bowls to Cowdrey who leans into the half volley and drives him beautifully to the cover boundary! what a magnificient stroke which brings the roaring crowd to its feet as English spirits soar to the skies on this otherwise dismal afternoon!".



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