Towards A Lasting Peace and No More Conflict - Let the rebuilding begin.

Suranimala JSBC International For LankaWeb

While Washington has issued the most significant statement on how it sees the LTTE according to the US Government's recent report, as a terrorist organization and none other, back in Sri Lanka the LTTE 'ably' backed by Norway, and to the background murmurings of Anton Balasingham and colleagues are demanding recognition as representatives of a separate state of Eelam and one wonders where the logic of the equation can be interpreted as being rational.

The recurring coincidence of Norway's clarion for peace being synonymous with the LTTE's two pronged demands, where, on one side the counter offensive continues while their 'plea' for peace fanned by Norway also presents itself in shrouded sincerity probably in the hope that the Government will let up and create another corridor for a further assault and the carnage which usually follows and should not be accede to under any circumstance with the interests of the country as a whole at heart.

Major Colin Powell in his conclusion of his recent statement concerning Globalization and its related risks in giving easy access to terrorism , has emphasized the importance of being conscious of its projected implications and the very simple message being sent is "Approach with caution, leave no room for regrets and make no deals with terrorists!"

The arrogance of the LTTE and their present mood appears to be a front where their own heavy casualties are being camouflaged and only the losses of the Armed Forces are being portrayed as a platform for their demands which could only be acceded to in grievous error.The international media's continued biased coverage too has further accentuated this arrogance sadly.

A unified lasting peace has to be accomplished by the joining of hands of all ethnic groups initiated by the Administration and its Leadership with an olive branch being extended to the misguided LTTE on condition that they de-classify their status as terrorists and perpetrators of heinous crimes against humanity, lay down their arms and present an allegiance towards a lasting peace while helping to rebuild this torn land which has suffered so much, but how it could be accomplished in the face of all the attrocities in the past and the interpretation of kindness being weakness (A hallmark of the LTTE)is questionable though not impossible!.

A key factor towards acheiving this, is, trust, meaningful dialogue and a genuine concern for the cessation of hostilities shown by both sides of the conflict without mediators such as Norway whose vested interests are now known and could be better accomplished from within the country and possibly with the United Nations as a Mediator as after all Sri Lanka is a Member of the United Nations which seems to be be a logical mediatory alternative to Norway.

Too much has been lost already and a continuation of the conflict would further destroy rather than create and in the name of the innocent civilians refered to in the report by Washington a resolution must be reached through a concerted logical effort and Sri Lanka should once again be restored to being the Beloved Homeland of all Sri Lankans where all ethnic groups could live in peace and harmony side by side casting aside their difference through tolerance in a joint effort to rebuild a land once known as paradise.


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