All Sri Lankans Deserve a Normal Existence and a Land Free of Terrorists!

Nandimithra, JSBI for LankaWeb
They are not a necessary evil buta destructive one which must be eradicated in the face of their continuing attrocities and crimes against humanity.

One also wonders why they cannot be decimated and their leadership and advisors taken to REAL task as their whereabouts are known Globally !!.

Foreign diplomats and so called peace emissaries have access to their 'secret' Wanni headquarters and their rebel leadership but not the Armed Forces nor the crack surveillance units of the Special Task Forces which is becoming somewhat of a mystery especially considering the awesome arsenal of military equipment including land, sea and air based operatives and power capable of an efficient search and destroy modus operandi.

Yet the LTTE continue their random killings of innocent civillians like the recent murders of two women returning from paddyfields in the Polonnaruwa District, attacks on civillians and the Police in Jaffna and the Eastern provinces while making hypocritical demands for peace in their forked tongued dialoge which is none but ludicurous!

It cannot be due to a shortage of intelligence and leadership within the rank and file of the Armed Forces which is more than abundant and of a very high quality but rather a lax attitude of restraint and taking for granted that the adversaries will be eventually overcome, a forgone conclusion undoubtedly, taking into consideration the importance of measures being implemented presently to prevent them regrouping.The cordon around them must be tightened.

Close monitoring of their arms and equipment supplies like that being presently undertaken by the Navy and joint operatives is a welcome move in addition to which a forceful campaign of intelligence based search and destroy operations leaving no breathing space for these destroyers of Sovereignity has to be initiated at this stage based on the joint military excercises recently conducted with Foreign Powers as the LTTE are no respectors of integrity nor human life as their track record shows.

Sri Lanka needs to return to normalcy after the more than decade long attempts by terrorists and separatist alike to tear apart its social infrastructure, economic fabric and Sovereign Integrity as all Sri Lankans irrespective of their ethnic origin,religion, caste, creed,or which walk of life they come from, need to get on with their lives deservedly and the Powers That Be have a bounden duty to ensure it with tougher measures than those already in force if necessary.


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