Reuters Report on US Concerns over Airstrikes

Suranimala JSBI for LankaWeb

The latest Reuters reports on the US concerns over recent military operations involving heavy air strikes in Northern Sri Lanka and opinions expressed seem to carry a bias in favour of the LTTE as it has been reasonably established that there are many Pro-LTTE Sympathisers within the Reuter's Organization. If the US has expressed such concerns they need also to take into consideration the need to defend, stabilize and sustain the Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka against a group of highly organized and ruthless terrorists who resort to surprise retaliatory tactics embittered by past losses of manpower and territory and have effected heavy casualties on the lawful defenders of the country in the past.

The talk about a negotiated settlement and Norway's Peace Initiative, now taken up half heartedly by Canada appear to be futile and dangerous as it would only provide a platform for the LTTE to regroup. Canada certainly has provided her contribution in no small measure in admitting, covering up for and tolerating support for the LTTE and even attending some of their social events often questioned in the Canadian Parliament and vehemently denied of course!.

Nothing! rather curiously has ever been said by these 'concerned entities' about the Status Of The Oppressed, meaning, the Democratically Elected Government of Sri Lanka who certainly have the right to defend the interests of the country as opposed to that of the LTTE, the oppressors, whose sole objective is to destroy the Sovereign Integrity of Sri Lanka in collaboration with certain renegade political companions shamelessly calling themselves United Nationalists whose selfishly motivated attempts to wrest power from the Ruling PA. need to be justifiably thwarted as well.

There has neither been a call by the Superpowers (quoted by Reuters) to a laying down of arms while approaching the restoration of peace nor any condemnation of the recent atrocities committed by the LTTE against innocent civilians and keepers of the Law of the Land. They deem preventive air strikes as being wrong and unjustified and indulge in rhetoric justifying the existence of the LTTE when logically they should uphold the Government while denouncing the enemy. It may be rather interesting to hear out their slogans should the LTTE commence their atrocities with a wave of horror and destruction once more.

Would Reuters condemn, condone or find some false pretext to somehow justify their actions while circumventing and criticising the Government carrying out a moral obligation to its people in protecting the land from it's enemies regardless of whether they use Kaffiris, MIGS, State of the Art Equipment, High Intelligence and Clever Military Tactics in a State of War against an internal armed insurrection which has resulted in dire detrimental consequences in the past.

Lately, news reporters such as Reuters, 123 India and their ilk seem relentless in their propaganda campaigns to denigrate the role of the Government of Sri Lanka and in recent times seem to be involving the names of Superpowers based on speculation and conjecture (With No supportive Officially Documented Statements) which probably is an embarrassment to the Superpowers themselves bearing in mind the concerns expressed by China, India and the Soviet Union together with the Joint Chiefs Defence Report from Washington in the not too distant past recommending support towards eliminating the International Terrorist threat Globally very definitely the present role of the Government of Sri Lanka in concurrence with the elimination of an internal armed insurrection.

In the case of the United Nations and the Vatican voicing sentiments about human suffering however, they are in a humanitarian sense justified in their calls for peace although they too seem rather vague about whether or not the LTTE should continue their aggression or lay down their arms.

The recent preventive Air and Military strikes have evoked a response from the LTTE denying their intentions to regroup for a massive offensive of terror and destruction though in reality the magnitude and effectiveness of the military operation seems to have halted them in their tracks.

One wonders whether the huge arms and equipment depots, and well organized bunkers destroyed were a build up for the so called Black July Operation by the LTTE or were they merely building a Military Museum for Historical Purposes? a point for Reuters and 123 India to ponder upon!


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