On 'Ranapriya's response to"World Terrorism Experts'

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'Ranapriya' an obviously well informed "Officer and a Gentleman' has posted a chilling perspective on the reality of the War against the LTTE in his offering entitled 'World Terrorism Experts' and must be endorsed for its outspokenness and accuracy. He has confirmed through first hand accounts, many gray areas of military attitudes and the general indifference and even leniency at times towards the enemy where past administrations have soft pedaled on the issue of searching and destroying them, reason enough for many to lament the loss of loved ones which includes myself personally still grieving the sad demise of many close friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

One of them was Corporal Gayan Ranasinghe, truly an Officer and Gentleman personally known to me and my circle of friends. Having returned from overseas aeronautical studies, he sadly sacrificed his life in a botched operation and ambush involving the LTTE between Anuradhapura and Jaffna where he died trying to protect the lives oh his superior officers. A wonderfully talented human being, compassionate and well focused, an incredible cricketer, whose dedication to his beloved Mother Lanka knew no bounds and stood above all else and may have been alive today had the direction of certain Military Operations been more assertive towards the real needs of the boys who do the real fighting with no food nor drink nor a moment's rest ,which was confirmed by him on many occasions, where sometimes the fully dressed Military Leaders in their regalia, direct operations from the comfort of secure locations and the ground forces wander blindly into ambush!!, but of course with many exceptions, those great leaders who also paid the ultimate price with their lives in the end.

Indeed the 'Pandithayas' and the 'know alls' who throw in their pathetic '2 cents worth' by way of opinions on how to conduct operations based on popular opinions and beliefs and the merits of military strategy as they perceive it, need to be muffled as a post script to the misguided leaders both administrative and military in the past whose havoc wreaking decisions projected Sri Lanka into abject insecurity and economic chaos, and be advised to clam up as they do more harm than good, especially non- military individuals who seem to have their own strategies which have nothing to do with winning a war against terrorists and probably have no inkling of video covered, co-ordinate guided deadly weaponry even at this moment being primed and pointed at strategic targets and leaders of key administrative positions. One wonders if lessons have yet been learned from the Airport and Airbase attacks yet!!!

There can be no compromises nor hesitancy in the compelling need to attack the enemy, in this case the LTTE using the surprise element, properly co-ordinated strategies and all the military acumen, weaponry and facilities available where there is no holding back. The slightest hesitancy could have dire consequences as the enemy being confronted are ruthlessly cunning and merciless but can be overcome as Major General Janaka Perera once proved beyond reasonable doubt.. The salvos have to be fired at the right time, and at targets which will be hit directly rather than at 'vacant air' and being a time of Global Concern and a taking up of arms against International Terrorism, a better time there probably never will be!

The dedicated sons and daughters of Sri Lanka whose valiant courage on the ground who continue to ensure the security of our proud Nation need to be better protected, sustained and treated with absolute care and adulation in addition to their need which must be met in all areas and never neglected as they are the real children of Sri Lanka and not those who languish overseas by way of influence and the positions of their parents and peers and will never be conscripted into the Forces in defense of their Motherland.

There can be no more half hearted decisions in the final thrust towards eliminating the scourge of the LTTE now condemned, outcast, finances strangled and proscribed Internationally. All areas need to be secured militarily and perhaps the basing of Strategic US Forces in Sri Lankan Naval Facilities may not seem such a bad idea in the interim despite the opposition from the JVP who seem to draw analogies to the IPKF and their failures without astute reasoning as a US military presence could never harm the well being of Sri Lanka. On the contrary, it would further secure the Region and be the single most assuring eventuality as the War Against Terrorism could take on a new meaning in Sri Lanka, a subject 'Ranapriya has not attested to yet worth considering for the sake of posterity. There can hardly be comparisons of the integrity of the US Military with that of the IPKF who were in reality an impoverished ill equipped bunch! if that is the case.

There are many pointers towards the need for the opinion of 'World Terrorism Experts' to reserve their opinions unless they are positively directed towards ending the LTTE problem.


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