An affront to Buddhism and World religions

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

The Taliban Organization in Afghanistan has overstepped their boundaries in the name of Islam and should be taken to task. By wantonly and deliberately destroying priceless ancient artifacts dating back to the origins of Buddhism in the Bamiyan Region of Afghanistan, they have brazenly engaged the civilized world in a confrontation that may prove detrimental to their very existence as it is unforeseeable that their actions will be tolerated without severe punitive repercussions.

In the world of today which shows so much empathy towards ancient civilizations by massive efforts to conserve and preserve these noble reminders of the inception of ancient cultures and religions, a band of brigands under the banner of Islam take it upon themselves to wipe out milleniums of dedicated religious labour with rank disregard to the significance of these items and the reverence, the intellectual world together with most of humanity has for them and the ramifications it is beginning to have on the existence of this organization will soon be revealed, whether by proscription, sanctions or whatever is appropriate. It is more than an affront to Buddhist Nations like Sri Lanka where Theravada Buddhism began and spread globally to have its veneration and tranquil beauty desecrated by religious fanatics.

The Superpowers who wage continuous wars against the likes of Saddam Hussein and Moamar Gadaffi would be quite justified if their targets also incorporate the Taliban who for some years have provided a safe haven for Osama Bin Laden one of the world's most wanted terrorist together with many other unpublicized attrocities committed in the name of Islam and Islamic Law which in reality is a contradiction of the Prophet's teachings.

There is a tragic irony about the devastation of the Bamiyan Region of Afghanistan's Buddhist artifacts which included the world's largest statue of the standing Buddha as it was by-passed erroneously as being declared a World Heritage Site wich may have prevented the tragedy together with the belated efforts made by UNESCO and the United Nations to pay for and transport the items to the outside world.In the end sadly ruthlessness,ignorance and apathy seem to have prevailed and the world has needlessly lost priceless treasures of tumultuous religious significance.


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