Peace Tactics, the Logic Of Report Based More On Conjecture Rather Than Fact !

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The recent article in Outlook India by a certain Professor Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu seems to have Rip Van Winkellian connotations which reports in the Outlook India News that the LTTE has "shrewdly outmanouvered" the Sri Lankan Government of President the Hon.Mme.Chandrika Kumaratunge, which by itself is a huge distortion and contradiction of facts by someone who just woke up!.

It begins by saying that the LTTE have been able to control the agenda of the peace process but fails to mention that Norway's involvement is primarily on behalf of the LTTE and Tamil Refugees who need to be appeased as well as repatriated, who are fast becoming an enigma back in Norway and threatening to infiltrate into the Norwegian Socio Economic Infrastructure rather than Norway having a great concern for the return of peace to Sri Lanka.

The article further goes on to say that the diplomatic and political offensive the LTTE are supposed to have initiated has controlled the peace process, which is pure fiction and a figment of Prof.Saravanamuttu's imagination.Where are the real staistics?

The Norwegian Envoy Eric Solheim, it is reported in this article, negotiated a deal that the rebels were to stop attacks in the (Sinhala dominated ) south of the country so that the embargos to the North would be lifted, so who is he trying to fool with this type of loosely blatant fiction? When did the rebels attack the South? Is not the status of the Peace Initiative presently a stalemate and deadlocked?

The high flown description of the rebel ceasefire alluded to is a mere figure of speech, as during the 'ceasefire' as it is called, the rebels launched ferocious attacks both on the Armed Forces and civilians as the record showed and the jargon continues in gay abandon with rank disregard to the authenticities of the narrative.The Armed Forces on the contrary, in true honorable Military fashion stuck to their ceasefire enabling the rebels to regroup in their surreptitious style

So it appears that the Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternatives Dr.Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu has been quoted (or misquoted grossly!)and the report goes on to say that the LTTE has demonstrated a hitherto unknown strength-'international diplomacy' and in the same sentence has said that they have 'shrewdly exploited' the peace process and how diplomacy and exploitation could ever meet on the same platform totally defies reason and has a rather ludicuruous ring to it!! Gramatically correct but logically not!

Rhetoric such as "the deemed failure of the Government Forces' Massive Offensive and their failure to recapture Jaffna while suffering debilitating losses" quote unquote, holds no real strength as the truth in this case seems distorted and flavoured to suit the pro LTTE stance of Saravanamuttu who neither mentions the debilitating losses suffered by th LTTE, nor aligns factually, who failed to recapture Jaffna? and whose attempts to ridicule the Sri Lankan Government is not interpreted as progressive journalism by virtue of its inaccuracy and lacklustre transparency.

When it comes to launching propaganda drives, it is the LTTE who are task masters at it although in most cases their propaganda is of a false nature in recent times as most of the civilized world at large is aware of. When the President expressed the need for the Peace Initiative to continue ,it was not propaganda by any means nor based on a 'debacle' facing the Security Forces as quoted but on the contrary, A Great Leader's Compassionate Vision Towards a Lasting Peace for all Sri Lankans, although the brigands who oppose it seem to be trying to distort the fact to lend credence to their idealogies.

The Article further goes on to say with affront that "the next few months will see the focus shift away from the Peace Process to political manouvering in Colombo, but rest assured the LTTE will soon take centrestage as it has over the last two decades" quote unquote, but surely this again is conjecture as the centrestage they once had seems to have collapsed! and is mere speculation and looking away from the ultimate demise of this outlawed band of terrorists staring them in the face!! if they continue further, their acts of terrorism against a Sovereign Nation who is well equipped to deal with them tactically and militarily.

Somehow one gets the impression that the substance of this report while being totally biased, is the creation of a dreamer who is not really current with the latest situation within the country, a harbinger of unrest and a self imposed critic who goes on to use phrases such as "the amateurish handling of the issues by the Government have been exposed by the rebels and is now threatening its very existence" quote unquote and its reference (almost suggestive) to the speculated outcome in the event that the Tamil Parties did not support the Goverment in a No Confidence Motion and refers to its political instability and in general has made incongruous utterances. The Center for Policy Alternatives certainly seems to be setting up policy alternatives alright! but alternately with questionable vision.

Fortunately or unfortunately! the Press maintains its freedom in a Democracy and such bold statements whether it comes from an authoritative source or a first time writer are entitled to their freedom but the facts of the matteris, if they contradict reality, are hardly worth a second glance!!!.


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