There's No Need to Compromise Sri Lanka's Sovereignty nor Security

Nandimithra ( Jathyanthara Sinha Balavegaya) for LankaWeb

The recent stand taken by the Government of Sri Lanka spearheaded by the Hon. Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar and fully endorsed by the President, Prime Minister and Cabinet is justified and commendable as it conveys to the partisan world of LTTE supporters both within and outside Sri Lanka that there will be no compromises when it comes to defending the integrity of the Nation. Not even in the face of the renegades comprising the parliamentary opposition in their futile effort to bring down the present Government at any cost!

India should in reality clean her own backyard rather than interfere into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka taking into consideration their own problems involving Kashmir and the separatist demands of the Sikhs in the North and be contrite and penitent about being partly responsible for the escalation of the atrocities of the LTTE going back over two decades when they literally turned a blind eye and watched as the LTTE gathered their strengths, fortified themselves and carried on their atrocities unabated.

Tamil Nadu was the training ground for the growth and deployment of the LTTE's surge, which wreaked havoc on human life and property in Sri Lanka in the 80's. It seems as though India has forgotten that it was the LTTE who carry the guilt for the assassination of President Rajiv Gandhi orchestrated by them in an ignominious irony which reversed their entire outlook towards the realities of what the LTTE stands for, a misguided baseless organisation of terrorists and suddenly India is expressing concerns about Sri Lanka's Military Operations! directed at protecting Her Sovereign Integrity! Some kind of joke?

The United States too in their concerns expressed over same issue, namely the recent Air Strikes, seem to be contradicting their views expressed previously by the Joint Chiefs Of Defence Statement Report from Washington issued during the Clinton Administration that Sri Lanka should be supported and assisted in her effort to wipe out the terrorist threat and a message sent to all terrorists but this seems to have changed with the advent of the Bush Era which has stopped at nothing to undo everything the Clinton Era began, towards securing a safer World.

How soon the pendulum seems to have swung away from what seemed at the time to be a wonderfully supportive concept towards resolving the terrorist threat within Sri Lanka as well as globally. Major Colin Powell's interjections on the same issue must be regarded quizzically as those coming from someone who was involved in a war in the Mid East involving a terrorist threat and another megalomaniac Saddam Hussein, where the enemy was never quelled completely although the war in the eyes of the analysts was won decisively by the USA.

The US complacency towards the plight of the Palestinian people also deserves mention where a superior and well equipped Israeli Army whose Moshad Faction once synymoysly trained the Government Forces of Sri Lanka (but surreptitiously also trained the LTTE who paid them big bucks!) presently led by a strong armed leader carrying on a campaign of death and destruction of property undaunted, against rock throwing civilians and a poorly armed Palestinian Nation in a struggle for territory which rightfully partly belongs to them .

The US seems to be strangely quiet about the fire power of Israel, protecting what they believe is their Territorial Integrity so why the double standard when it comes to Sri Lanka and her Territorial Integrity?

Then there is the aberration of the wasted Vietnam War where no reservations were given to the real loss of civilian lives an destruction of public property and the relentless pursuit of the Vietcong which continued unabated while the monstrosities of Pol Pot went literally unchecked in neighbouring Cambodia where everything from innocent human lives to priceless religious artefacts and public property were almost totally wiped out while the US Army was occupied elsewhere in the region! so do they stand justified in their criticisms of Sri Lanaka defending Her Territorial and Sovereign Integrity? Hardly!

When the dust has settled and normalcy has returned to this beautiful land, there will be many post-mortems in hindsight concerning the obstacles the Government of Sri Lanka faced in restoring order and normalcy for her people and surely would it not be rather incongruous if the superpowers of the USA and India were included as part of them if their present attitude continues?


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