The JVP-PA Alliance Heralds The Dawn Of A New Era.

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The PA - JVP Alliance may not necessarily bring immediate Peace and Prosperity to the Nation but it has accomplished a sense of tranquility and calm in the face of oppression and anarchy projected by the UNP and its supporters whose primary objectives have been to disrupt and confuse the Ruling Party, to reach their own objectives and their personal gain and mercifully this has been thwarted in a judicious manner by the Hon. Madam President who has said in lighter vein that "she would consort with the 'Devil' himself to resolve the Nations problems".

The JVP are by no means 'Devils' and on the contrary, represent the only patriotic, sincere and well mustered group of honest politicians apart from the PA whose sole concerns are for the well being and progress of the Nation with no selfish motivations, avarice or greed and a much needed tonic for a Nation plagued with two faced politicians, murderous and destructive terrorists, deserters and a flailing economy where the likelihood of recovery in all areas of need seems imminent and a distinct possibility, given time.

The strongest areas of recovery would be the Economy as a result of the downsizing of the Cabinet, a halt to privatisation of Government Institutions and scaling down extraneous Government spending which should more than likely extend to all parliamentarians through the reduction of salaries and the mega-perks they have enjoyed for decades.

However, the issue of downsizing negotiations with International Financiers has to be very carefully scrutinised and evaluated as there can be no accidental jeopardization of Sri Lanka's Line of Credit in the eyes of Institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which is vital to the Economy. The priorities for Free Enterprise, Foreign Investment and Tourism must be maintained and renewed if necessary for a viable GDP of continuity and the key importance of Sea and Air Transport recently disrupted by the LTTE must be considered together with National Defense which the New Alliance hopefully envisions and recognizes as the arteries of life blood of the Nation which need prioritising .

Insurers of these vital links of Transportation teetering on the brink of augmenting premiums or totally withdrawing coverage in some instances also need to be convinced of softening their stand, with assurances of greater security. International Air Carriers too need assurances of greater safety in order to renew flights into the Capital in a return towards the previously smooth functioning schedules so wantonly disrupted by the LTTE, yet another item on the agenda of priorities for the new Alliance.

After years of indecision, finally an assertive approach by a Ruling Party has come of age where meddling external entities such as the likes of Norway will be politely asked to stay out of the Nation's Internal affairs and others, whose major concerns are for the LTTE shrouded by their pretentious sympathies for the Tamil Community rather than Sri Lanka as a Nation.

The LTTE too would be identified as enemies of the State and the need to confront them militarily has been spelt out as an alternative to the LTTE's refusal to lay down their arms prior to any negotiations as it is senseless continuing the hollow rhetoric dragging on in favour of a peaceful settlement when it is more than apparent that the LTTE would not back down on their futile efforts to create Eelam.

They have openly proclaimed their willingness to export individuals overseas to fortify their fundraising efforts as promulgated through their recent voicing and the blatant name calling against the PA whom they label as 'unstable an corrupt!', terms befitting their main alleged clandestine ally the UNP. Their atrocities in the meantime continue in the North and East with gay abandon!.

The JVP's Pledge to stand by the PA in a No-Confidence Motion is much needed for the stability of Sri Lanka which they have indicated in no uncertain terms and their choice to be seated on the Opposition Benches in Parliament is a further indication of their sincerity towards their principles though Socialistic by policy, where no undue pressures will be exerted on the President for official status recognition as allies and the only pressure would be reflected in their demands for downsizing and re-structuring of policy, the appointing of Commissions as requested and fortifying Defence and National Security which are tolerable and to a great degree necessary exigencies.

Finally it appears, the time has come for tensions and uncertainties among the Sri Lankan People to be eased and a sense of posterity projected towards the future where unrest would be nominal, all things considered! and with a positive approach towards restoring Sri Lanka to a degree of normalcy through astute vision by this new joining of hands with a genuine love for the land where no usurpers of democracy or harbingers of anarchy be given the slightest opportunity to prevail over the Second Matriarch of the Nation similar to her much adored mother before her, who deserves many accolades for her courage, resilience and the backing of the people towards a Sri Lanka that will eventually rise from the ashes of past destruction in the manner of the proverbial Phoenix, never again to be shaken.

The Nation as a whole (with the odd exceptions ) should see the dawn of a New Era and be thankful also to the patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka in high office who have brought about what appears to be a formula for success where many have failed or fallen by the wayside and regardless of the apathetic critics with their derogatory adjectives, the JVP together with the PA could be envisioned as Saviours Of A Nation.


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