On the Recent Magistrate's Order into the remanding of Police Officers.

Gotabhaya , Lions Of The South ( L.O.T.S ) for LankaWeb

If the semantics of the issue at hand were put into perspective relative to the recent Magistrate's Remand Order to apprehend Police Officers in their line of duty, The Law Of the Land may have to be re-written to set the precedent this Magistrate is attempting to create.

And before proceeding further, Amnesty International should be asked 'to put a sock' on their pathetic bleatings and reproaches directed at a President in the execution of her duties. They are well advised to carry out their investigations elsewhere and curiously they have maintained a non-committal stand on the airport bombings which was indeed a violation of human rights by the LTTE so they should either put up or shut up! bipartisan rabble rouser that they appear to be.

It seems ridiculous that this Magistrate has ordered an inquiry and a remanding of the Police Officers who were carrying out orders to quell a violent mob albeit the pleas of innocence, the peaceful nature of the demonstrators and the cover ups for the 'Opposition Goondas' who should have been hauled off the streets anyway! as they were in direct violation of a Government Order, all things considered as well as an existing state of Emergency.

That lives were lost is an unfortunate consequence for which the only responsible source logically has to be the Leadership of the Opposition who orchestrated the violent demonstrations and grave provocation to which the Authorities responded with very few options where sadly, a few misguided individuals became needless martyrs

The Police and the Armed forces should be commended for their restraint and analogies drawn to countries such as Indonesia, Burma, Russia and China as some recent examples where crowds far less violent were contained by much more severe means resulting in the loss of many lives while the respective Governments maintained their justifications and authority and synonymously Law and Order. It is an unfortunate aberration of the norm but a very necessary one if the intention was to prevent anarchy and not for a single-minded member of the Judicial System to neither contradict nor question.

Self righteousness should be cast aside and finger pointing at discipline and authority should be refrained from as a bad example, in a state of uncertainty and unrest as the case is in Sri Lanka today and in this instance seems to come from a direction in favour of the Opposition Forces who are the very sources responsible for the unrest, in their futile attempts to drag down the Government and this Learned Member of the Bench should probably initiate proceedings directed against the Leader of the Opposition for high crimes and misdemeanours rather than the Police in Authority.


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