The Ranatunga Incident Blown out of proportion?

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

In the matter involving the Ranatunga Family and the schoolboys of Colombo Asoka Vidyalaya, primarily it would be considered wrong to take the law into one's own hands albeit the trying circumstances of an unruly bunch of schoolboys in pursuit of retreiving an accidentally hit cricket ball into a private compound covered by Security Guards where the 'accidentality' might be questionable and the realities unclear especially if there has been provocations relative to the same issue in the past, where does one draw the line?

In Sri Lanka where attrocities of a far serious nature are being committed on a daily basis and continue to go unchecked by the authorities in many instances provokation is an expression long infused into schoolboy pranks.Unknown individuals clambering over walls and fences manned by Security Guards has to be defined a literal overstepping of bounds.

The high profile attention being given to this case based on the high profile individuals involved and the 'unsavoury' headlines appearing in the International Media such as "Police set up a dragnet for Arjuna and Prasanna" and similar headlines suggesting 'High Crimes and Misdemeanors!' is not a justification for the manner in which this incident should be correctly resolved.

Logically, the Ranatunga family is entitled to their privacy in the busy suburb they live in and it was upto the authorities of the neighbouring schools to have prevented their students from encroaching on private property and theirs was the responsibility for the consequences which followed. Alternately it is the right of the injured parties and those responsible for their conduct to seek recourse through legal means by pressing charges if necessary and preventing this incident from being blown out of proportion and creating embarrassment to a family held in high esteem both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore the most important consideration in this case should be, are the facts being presented to the general public which shows off the Ranatunga family and their Security Guards specifically assigned to protect them, as the wrongdoers: accurate, or based on hearsay? Was this really a case of innocent schoolboys politely requesting a lost ball, severely beaten up for no reason or was there grave provocation over a period of time which resulted in the altercation that followed.Cause for investigation.

Most unfortunately the protests in the streets and the criticisms of the self-righteous groups demanding justice are creating an unwanted publicity and attracting attention from the wrong sources, this is a private matter which should be investigated into and resoved in a civil manner avoiding cheap sensationalism. After all Sri Lanka has a stringent System of Justice and Policing capable of a resolution to this sorry incident.

In no way can one condone the injuries to the students and the manner in which they were inflicted as there certainly would have been alternatives but the end result which may probably involve punitive damages and severe admonishment to the provokers and perpetrators alike seem in order with preventive measures thrown in for future consideration and not a matter for the Hoopla, Hype and Media Frenzy we are presently experiencing!!.



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