Major General Janaka Perera's Vital Importance to Sri Lanka

By Nandimithra JSBI for LankaWeb

The news of Major General Janaka Perera's departure to Australia on Diplomatic Assignment brings a sense of loss, as there was a great deal of anticipation about his return to Militay Duties and thereby stabilising Sri Lankan Security per se as it has been a fervent hope of many who knew of Major General Perera's capabilities and accomplishments that he would be re-assigned as Overall Commander capable of leading the Security Forces to the Ultimate Victory against the LTTE.

One has to remember his heroics, stoic leadership and astute judgement in his decision making which prevented many inroads the LTTE would have made otherwise and Operation Kinihira's greatest moments of success were with him at the helm and in hindsight one wonders whether the setbacks the Army suffered recently would ever have occurred (with due respect to the present leadership) under Major General Perera, conjecture at this stage but a plausible one!

The Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake's overtures and vision towards re-calling this great Military Leader is great insight on his part as he is well aware of the related advantages in retaining Major General Perera in a Military capacity rather than a Diplomatic one.

It has to be remembered that all of Major General Perera's Military Campaigns resulted in resounding victories and even today it must surely instill fear and apprehension in the LTTE should they be aware of his return to military duties.

One assumes that although Major General Perera has shown reluctance to being recalled, as in his own words he says "it is difficult to work with politicians" quote unquote, as he probably believes that a Military Role is purely a Military one which should not be interfered into by politicians once the directive and authority is given by The Ministry of Defence and External Affairs. His heart surely lies in a military environment in which he has excelled which could probably sway the pendulum in favour of his return.

It is the fervent hope of all those who see his role as a pivotal one in favour of the country's need, that the Prime Minister's projected decision is a collective one involving the Entire Administration where the end would certainly justify the means and that Major General Perera could be persuaded that his country needs him in the capacity of Military Leader.


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