UNP Opportunism Displayed Once Again at Its Brilliant Best.

Suranimala J.S.B.I for LankaWeb

They are now clutching at straws! any straws for survival, all the while camouflaging a superficial arrogance almost indicating that they call the shots when they are not! They are so unsure of themselves as their speculations do not include a complete assurance that their so called allies would stand by them in their bid to overthrow the PA Government and now it appears as though in retrospect, an attitude suggesting "If you can't beat them, join them!" seems to be the ultimate direction they are moving in. After all, the Founding Fathers of the Constitution has seen to it that the President's designation is an unswayable one, have they not?

The Referendum called for by the President seems to have instilled the fear of 'Hades' into the UNP and its allies as the reality of eventual doom seems to be staring them in the face which they richly deserve for their actions designed to disrupt rather than contribute towards progress. Their transparencies seem quite apparent by the actions of supportive Magistrates, leaders of community groups and the never ending jargon displayed in Anti- Government News Media which is fast sickening the majority of moderate citizens of the land looking on and in whose hands the destiny of the Nation rests.

Like a flash of blue thunder!!, suddenly the UNP expresses willingness to conditionally support the Government for a limited time period if the Referendum was abandoned in the hope that this would buy them time to regroup and plan out new strategies to defeat the Government and should never be acceded to much like the time buying ploys of the LTTE who have displayed their real objectives as a result of them being given chances. It would be a wasted effort to form a Government of National Unity with the very same group of individuals who have tried every available means to oppose and undercut the PA Government and possibly a risk which needs no calculating. Their ignoble leadership is presently campaigning in the deep South of the Nation in a vain attempt to buy over the votes of people whom he probably considers undiscerning and gullible who on the contrary have shown a growing awareness that they do not believe in the indiscretions of the UNP and their Modus Operandi.

If a National Government is to be formed, it should be with rational factions who have proved their sincerity towards National Unity unconditionally with the best interests of the Nation at heart rather than attempting to tear it apart. It would be meaningless to destabilise the very core of the Administration by entering into alliances with dubious acquaintances where a price would eventually be paid as has been proven by the Muslim Alliance of Mr. Rauf Hakeem and his cohorts who initially pledged support but backed out of their obligations ungraciously as a result of certain unreasonable demands not being acceded to by the President.

Patriotism has many flavours and sometimes is based on individual definitions though the ultimate definition rest on that evergreen phrase "Breathes There A Man Who Never To Himself Has Said, This Is My Land ! My Own Native Land! and often based on this the real meaning of patriotism has drifted ino oblivion where people sometimes forget the importance of the preservation of their values, integrity conscience and compassion as opposed to wanton destruction and selfishly motivated greed for power which drives them to their own inevitable destruction.

A hallmark of the opportunistic UNP displaying their brilliant best ,with pretentious National Interests and little sincerity towards none other than their own self -preservation so where would they fit in to a Government of National Unity?


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