Dear Editor

I refer to the artical written by Mr Suranimala regarding the incident involving the Ranatunga familly.

It seems that Mr Suranimala is trying to justify the attempted murder by Ranatungas and his security guards.

Children throughout Sri Lanka play cricket wherever they can and whenever they can. Cricket is played at home,in the roads,at school, you name it they play it.

When children play cricket they hit the ball all over the place and in the process they damage others property and jump to others gardens.

This has been the case in Sri Lanka since cricket was introduce to the country. There are so many incidents, fightings and police cases relating to the cricket balls.

This is not new to the country but what is new is the failure to understand this situation and act legally by a familly who is famous fot cricket in Sri Lanka.

If Ranatungas couldnot tolerate this behaviour by the students Asoka Vidyalaya as respectable peace loving citizens they should have reported the case to the police. The Police would have acted quickly specially because of the power of the familly.

After all Sri Lanka has a stringent system of justice and capable police force(this is specially true with powerful citizens of the country).

According to the eyewitnesses this so called leaders of people and cricket fans of the country who are so knowledgeable( than a group of school children) about the alternatives available to them have behaved like a group of uneducated thugs.

They have hit (at gun point) & kidnapped (taken to their residence by force) these schoolboys. It is said that there are large number of eye witnesses to this incident. This is a criminal act whether done by a normal person like me or by a familly with high esteem.

If it is not for the publicity (Which is the duty of any journalist) for this case got this will be another incident unchecked by the authority. Even with the publicity it got I have my serious doubts whether the justice will be done to these students.

People involved in this attempted murder (students areseriously injured and any one would have got killed) case should be given the maximum sentence if convicted for this to be an example to the other gentlmen thugs. School boys should be punished for provocation of Ranatunga familly (which may be a cash punishment) and Ranatunga familly & their security guards should be punished for attempted murder if convicted (number of years of imprisonment).

A local friend was supprised when he read about this incident and asked me whether the people of Sri Lanka are so barbaric to behave the way Ranatungas have behaved.Next day he was stunt to see how you had taken this incident so lightly and attacked the publicity given to this ugly incident.

No boby has to give a special affort to give publicity to incidents like the above it get the publcity it deserve. After all this Ranatunga familly is very famous and their every action is watched by the people of the country.

Regards - Rohan


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