The UNP Media Circus Continues, But Should It be Permitted To?.

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With borrowed clichés and self assuring slogans some of which are tantamount to dark threats of the likelihood of further street demonstrations on the 21st of August, they continue their never ending tirades and rather futile attempts at being heard by the Nation with the probable expectation of a positive response which seems unlikely.

Dogs too bark at the moon occasionally! do they not? and how often has it crashed to earth in the paradoxical manner of their expectations?

The calls for the President's resignation by the Leader of the Opposition based on what he terms 'The Will Of The People' should be rapidly dispelled as opportunism based on his personal convictions and not on a Peoples Mandate. The circumspect barking even extends beyond reality into fantasy when he says "Not only from the people of this country but even Internationally there is today great pressure for her government to resign and leave" end quote while failing to continue the sentence by saying " and leave it to us, the UNP Hyenas to move in and complete the destruction of the Nation."

The International response to Her Excellency Madam President has always been a favourable one and one of admiration from the leading Nations such as the USA, Great Britain, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Nations per se who have always pledged their support, so wherefore lies the Hon. Leader of the Opposition's conjecture?

He continues his totally baseless rhetoric, saying that "The Country was facing the dire consequences of bad Governance, mismanagement, 'non transparency' and most of all frauds perpetrated on its people by a Government which has no mandate to govern" end quote and a mandate created by Rauf Hakeem's defection and none other? may it be politely asked! If this is a line intended for the gullible and weak, Hon. Mr. Leader of the Opposition, it is a rather futile one, as the dire consequences of bad governance, mismanagement, transparency and frauds can be coined with the UNP and their past track record which is veritably and statistically true going back decades and should be put into perspective based on available, recorded evidence.

If progress, development and the well being of Sri Lanka has been put in jeopardy by any Political Faction it is none other than the UNP and its power hungry allies now playing a dangerous game in collaboration with the enemies of the State in an attempt to regain power, but they are unfortunately dealing with a President Who Still Has The Mandate Of The People, Who Knows Her Constitution and How Best To Execute The Powers Vested In Her, regardless of all the conjecture and misrepresentation of facts being carried on by the UNP and its Media Circus.

In the best interests of the Nation, the Referendum should be held and Constitutional Reforms implemented and with it the destructive forces gnawing away the credibility of Sri Lanka eliminated. Their postponement should hardly be interpreted as a victory for the Opposition but a mere retrospective measure taken by the Government to evaluate its justification in the eyes of the people before a General Election and or a Consensus where the true mandate this time around will be projected beyond the wildest dreams of the UNP if recent popular polls and random surveys taken are any indication, as their chances of bouncing back into power seem rather slim if any. By Universal Franchise that is!

In the meantime, the UNP Media Circus regardless of its entertainment value should be censored to the limits of Democracy and its leadership taken to task for the projected attempts at anarchy which may be a contentious issue within the rank and file of the party itself for years to come. Wisecracks about continued demonstrations should be effectively dealt with and dissuaded based upon the fact that it would be detrimental to the Nation, is not a majority decision infused with the Will Of The People, but one projected by a negative proportion of the country's populace led by a misguided leader.


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