Moral Victory for SLUNA ,Yet Further Action Needed To Question Canada's CRTC.

Gotabhaya - Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.)

Tamil Vision Inc. backed off intimidating the anti LTTE Lobby in Canada and issued a Notice Of Discontinuance of the Can. $.7.5 Million lawsuit filed against them.

Nine civic minded Sri Lankan-Canadians spearheading the SLUNA Organization based in Toronto Canada who had good reason in April, 2001 to file objections and show cause to the issuance of a Digital TV Programming licence to Tamil Vision Inc. (TVI), Mississauga, Ontario, by the Canadian Radio- Television and Telecommunications Commission, was sued by TVI on June 24, 2001, for $7.75 million for defamation and loss of revenue in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. The action was discontinued on the volition of TVI.

Actions resulting from invitation of public participation by CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Commission) to show cause for support or oppose TVI' s application. The concerns of the nine defendants were prompted by the article "LTTE applies for digital TV licence in Canada in The Island of April 2, 2001, which pointed out that this TV Channel might be used as a medium to raise funds in Canada for the Tamil Tiger war-chest.

The nine defendants, lead by Mahinda Gunasekera, President of Sri Lanka United National Association of Canada (SLUNA) took up the challenge by retaining a highly reputed firm of lawyers, STIKEMAN ELLIOT of Toronto, to handle their defense alleging links of the Directors / Shareholders of TVI to the LTTE terrorists, only to find the plaintiffs backing down even before the defendants fired the first volley by filing their statement of defense. The defendants were confident that they could prove their concerns which rather disappointingly were denied as the licence applied for was granted to TVI by the CRTC.

On September 21, STIKEMAN ELLIOTT received from TVI lawyers, SHORE DAVIS of Ottawa, the Notice of Discontinuance from the Superior Court of Justice which said "Between TAMIL VISION INC. and Ananda Seneviratne, Jaliya Wickremarachchi, Marianne Wickremarachchi, Lakshmi Liyanage, Sarath Liyanage, Ira de Silva, Asoka Weerasinghe, Mahinda Gunasekera and Gamini Randeni, defendants, NOTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE. The Plaintiff wholly discontinues this action." Some of these defendants have been veteran lobbyists fighting the Eelam lobby in Canada since 1983.

To the disappointment and surprise of the nine defendants, on July 24, CRTC announced that the licence to Tamil Vision Inc. had been granted.

If intimidation was the tactic of the Tamil Vision Inc. Directors, to "shut up" the anti-LTTE lobby in Canada, then it failed miserably. This should be a warning to all LTTE sympathisers who will try their hands to intimidate peace loving Sri Lankans in Canada who will fight Tamil terrorist propaganda against Sri Lanka and her peoples. These nine courageous pro-Sri Lanka lobbyists are prepared to take on all Tamil terrorists lobbyists in Canada at any cost. They have vowed to be relentless in their fight to safeguard the democratic interests of their Motherland, Sri Lanka and rid it of terrorism.

The Sri Lankan United National Association Canada says that the fight, however, should continue and the association needs the backing of all Sri Lankan Citizens both morally and financially to further appeal the granting of the CRTC Licence to TVI as the sole objective of this program, according to recent investigations, is to propagate the interests of the LTTE without a doubt. It is another apathetic example of the Canadian Authorities showing indifference to fronts for terrorism and in the face of all the bad publicity Canada has been receiving lately in this respect it is all the more reason for CRTC to rescind the granting of this Licence to TVI and for the Canadian Authorities to relent their decision.

On a Parallel, analogies should be drawn to a similar program, ' Thamil Amutham' which operated some years back under the auspices of the Eelam Organization in Montreal on the Multicultural Channel CJNT which has since been been discontinued as it had no subtleties nor nuances and made no effort to camouflage their objectives, displaying the flag Of Eelam on opening and closure of the program, with related music and blatant LTTE propaganda which probably was noticed by the authorities.

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks and the pledge by the Coalition Against International Terrorism to take immediate decisive action, Canada being part of this Coalition should take steps to reverse this decision and rescind the licence granted to TVI on the basis that TVI is also a front for the LTTE.


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