She Still Rules The Roost Despite Vain Aspirations Of Opponents.

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In the wake of the many rumblings about opposing the EPDP's support and lifting embargos to the Vanni imposed by the Armed Forces which still remain hollow rumblings, the President of Sri Lanka is being tested on her authority towards maintaining National Security all the while holding the balance of power in her hand.

The people of the Nation have been nudged into voting in the Party which had the least credibility of carrying the Election thanks to a few indiscretions and uncalled for liberties taken by the Ruling party and its leadership whose side has been let down by a sickeningly vicious deployment of intimidation and thuggery by a relative in power, which has claimed many innocent lives, the unwarranted comments of an overly vociferous and zealous exiled JVP Leader who has since beaten a hasty retreat into security and the outspoken comments of retaliatory vengeance uttered by the President and eventually misrepresented by the UNP as an election ploy to undermine the Presidency which has angered the Nation into voting her Ruling Party the PA out of office based mainly on the consensus of establishing a trouble free Nation combined with a call towards redressing the needs of the poor in desperate need of assistance to better their lives. A case of choosing the better and necessary evil prompted by clever manouvering by the UNP.

The UNP led by the guile of shrewd lawyer tactician and opportunist Ranil Wickremasinghe whose tactics however hold good for an Asian Climate only, has succeeded in cashing in on the blatant errors of the PA and its allies while playing on the gullibillities of the Nation which really had few alternatives to turn to in the face of an ongoing armed insurrection by the LTTE and the state of the Nation's economy which appeared to have indications of stabilizing itself initially,yet swayed dangerously away from the norm after the debilitating defections from the Ruling Party which forced the dissolution of Parliament to avoid an inevitable No Confidence vote being carried against them.An apparent state of mass confusion which has brought back smug smiles on the faces of the Prabhakarans and the Balasinghams lurking in the undergrowth of the Vanni! whose next unpredictable moves should be carefully monitored.

The aspirations towards lifting bans and embargos waved in arrogance by the likes of Jaffna District MP Maheswaran in his post-election jubilation could yet prove to be an illusion without a 2/3 rd vote against the President whose Executive Powers continue to be the contending force in the Administration contrary to the proclamations and insinuations by him and may have a long wait before the EPDP's collaboration is neutralized or the Armed Forces waive Military Embargos if the President decides to oppose these decisions presently being propagated as a hypothetical option which mistakenly is assumed to rest with the Prime Minister rather than the President.

Co-operation towards National Unity is imperative in the present climate of unrest and a weakened economy and there is no getting behind the importance of preserving territorial integrity while expanding a broader based dialogue towards ending the ethnic conflict provided the conditions are conducive to the safety and well being of the population, some of the hurdles facing the New Administration although none of them could be acomplished through the pressure tactics as insinuated by MP Maheswaran. It is an indelible reality and a fact of life that there will be no unilateral decisions taken without the approval and ratification of the President who rules the roost until the year 2005.


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