Artical about Dalada maligawa

Dear Editor,

I am so glad that we write this kind of articles and never forget the most devastating damage and heartless act LTTE did to Sri Lanka and its people. I strongly believe that the world and its media didn't give enough attention to this bombing, how can when our own foreign minister has quoted after the bombing that "Now the government will listen to the Tamils" not condemning the LTTE but taking a chance to tell the world like the government is ignoring the minority tamils in his suggesting. it was pathetic to a foreign minister to undermined a terrorist attack by saying comments like that, why can we see a Tamil will always take tamils side when ever they re given the opportunity and ignore there duties for the country, I really can't understand why we have a Tamil as a foreign minister, who only represent the Tamils and their side of the story very coverdly and shrewd in every opportunity he gets, why can't our leaders see this ? When our hearts were bleeding by piercing it by ruining our most secret relic where we pray and treasure, our pride and soul damaged by ruthless selfish destroyers who have ruined our lives, our beautiful country and economy. How can a terrorists group now trying to be an legitimate organization... ? are they forgotten all the killings and massacres they did and innocents lives they took over without any hesitance, are we all forgotten these to try to have peace talk with them...? when are the justice be done for those innocents who lost their lives ? How are we remodeling the 400 year treasure with cheap modern patching ups. The Tamils always come around the bush when they are getting defeated and even our foreign minister get concern about that and bring other countries attention to protect this terrorist group to go on. When are we going to see this ? Please !

Theja Fanelli


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