Nothing can save us from the national shame, my heart is weeping.

Hope these few lines will at least help someone to identify where we went wrong and to identify measures to prevent another incident. Also I'm disclosing some secrets, there's no point of holding them, for they have lost their value.

The first clue about KTY airport attack plan was un-earthed about 3 yrs ago in Riyadh. One intelligence member of MPSS (Meda Peradiga Singhala Sinsanda) gave us info that a Tamil labourer in a shoddy cargo agency is meddling with some photographs of Kty airport in a computer. (Earlier it was some old photos & sketches but recently we learnt that they have obtained expensive satellite aerial photographs thru a foreign commercial agency)

After several months' effort, we managed to steal all his data, breaking passwords (will not disclose how we did that). It was a careful "combat appreciation" and "battle preparation" ? 2 advanced lessons only military officer's practice. It had still photos of many vital installations and lot of alternative plans.

Since then, I kept on notifying this story to many concerned persons.
1. Air Lanka Security Manager
2. A retired Army General
3. An Army Colonel serving in the Ministry of Defense
4. Senior officers in KTY Air Force camp
5. Naval intelligence
6. Some Army officers.

Army has no dedicated intelligence section in this area. One Army IO (intelligence officer) overlooking this area is buying & selling dried fish (karawala) at Kalpitiya betraying the whole nation (so is the present Naval intelligence chief) and I wrote in this list requesting someone to use their contacts and remove that IO from the area.

Only big talk! nothing changed. Navy allocated 2 operatives but they had to come all the way from some remote place. And they were junior men and we only wasted our time and money with them. However, with them, we studied a concentrated pattern of boat movements from uncleared areas of Mannarama & Silawathura towards Negombo lagoon, Beach landings in the dark hours, utter security lapses in Negombo police and the bribes they were taking.

Smuggling sarees, gold etc. from Indiais a profitable business and profitable to police too, but they never notice that dangerous men and arms were coming in beneath the fishing nets. We observed that Tamil men caught with wrong passports at the airport are presented to Nbo Magistrate Court, remanded in the Nbo prison and that gives them a safe heaven to discuss plans.

We observed the policemen in only checkpoint between Kimbulapitiya junction and Minuwangoda road junction (where the road crosses the runner-way) reads newspapers and only a WPC requesting motorists to get down and write the license number and the vehicle number in police book.

Visitors belong to the sea tiger carder.

Whilst the tinted glassed curtain window bus came from xxx carrying a Mathara Colombo board, they assembled in xxx nursing home. Weapons were previously brought by boats via the route described earlier.

By 8.15 pm they stopped the bus at the lonely Maj. Raj Fernando playground at Kuruana (Maj. Raj F'do is a decorated Army volunteer officer who died in battle at Thoppigala) Visitors got down, sat on the grass and enjoyed their last meal ? kothhu roties.(Now local newspapers showing photos of their leftovers on the ground)

They acted as if they are on a pleasure trip but a vigilant intelligent by passer suspected them and gave FOUR calls to Kty police.

Police never took the call seriously. Power cut started at 8.45 or so.

The bus went back safely. Now the police ispleading for any info on the bus. And our precious air busses are in ruins. The visitors have walked about 1 km carrying long guns (4 MPMG's ? multi purpose machine guns) and grenade launchers etc. along the railway track.

They entered the camp cutting barbed wires and spent about 4 hrs without being seen by any Air Force, Air Port Aviation, Policepimps.

They attached remote controlled high explosive devices to as many fighter jets and helicopters as they could and crossed the wide runner-way to the Air Lanka plan hangers without being seen.

Doors they have entered the terminal buildings were so unknown, even long serving Air Lanka employees have not used those doors. And visitors have used duplicate keys! Those keys have been given to them by someone working in the premises earlier.

That night Kty Air force officers have had a grand party with Thai Cabaret dancers. They were drunk when the visitors arrived. Not less than 10% sentries were issued with weapons. There had been a long queue in front of the armory to get weapons.

They had to sign the weapon book and read / write about 10 digit weapon serial number. If the visitors did not start direct firing, they would have been able to go with no trace.

After attaching bombs everywhere including the roof, they have started the machine gun assault at about 3.15 am. Air Force maintained 2-3 times more than the required number in defending the camp and airport but number of air force deaths & casualties suggest that not more than 2% have engaged the enemy direct.

Fighter plane hangers were out of bounds for many air force men themselves, each had a security ring and those securityhas never responded. This is the 3(superscript: rd) time the same camp was attacked, successfully attacked by enemy (twice by JVP and they emptied the armory ? in one attack JVP fighters took control of the main guard room, took the intercom and spoke in a female voice, called the duty officer and he came with no weapon but with an straightened??.)

There was an anti hijack Army commando unit of 40 men and if not for them, the whole terminal building would have been destroyed and if there were pilots in LTTE hit team, they would have flown away in an air bus.

Commandos were not in military gear as they are supposed to act only in a hijack situation. They went into action in shorts and sarongs and air force men in panic shot and killed our one of own commando.

Night duty Air Lanka men have shouted "do not shoot, he's our man" Once I asked from a senior air force officer at Kty "do you have an int (intelligence) section around the camp".

He replied "yes, we are regularly checking homes around the airport" It revealed that he had not even common sense about int.

Whilst Nbo police was enjoying handsome rewards, that illegal plane maker Uwe Becker constructed another mini airfield and a mansion beneath the plane path and he employed several Tamil aircraft engineers and chased away the only Singhala family from his service.

The big coconut land "Maha Yaya Waththa" was purchased by a Tamil millionaire and the same bus or a very similar bus stealthily visits the house covered by the huge wall.

There also they pretended that it was a party by giving away so many empty beer bottles. The new homes around the dangerous side of the airport (where Kefir hangers could be seen from the road) were completely occupied by new unknown Tamils and air force did the same conventional routine check with all advance notices.

Nbo lagoon beneath the flight take off path has no ay security and that area is also occupied by new Tamils. Once we walked all the length to see if any sentries are present, only men we met were Tamils.

And from them we asked if there's any police/air force around here.

These things are still there, and I am sure that nobody will ever change this situation. Not only that, many or all frequent construction contracts were/are awarded to firms with entire or majority of Tamil personnel.

Even today they are constructing some buildings, and they are believed to have stolen the duplicate keys of the very routes LTTE fighters used.

Once an outside company wins a contract, any worker carrying that company ID gets a blanket approval anywhere in the premises.

Air Lanka recently recruited many Tamils especially into the personnel and IT departments and I testify personally that their "past deeds" were never checked effectively.

Those who are there, may be innocent men or may be the ones who helped the attack. We are not allowed to offend them. And to conclude, I repeat my earlier sentence that "nobody will ever change this situation" ?

Those valued expats who read this message (and who used the same airport and planes to reach this destination) will only read, just read. The shameful Air Force will go to same routine until the 4(superscript: th) successful attack (and then tighten up the security).

Army has a mudalali in int and even he's not in this area. Navy only appoints few juniors and they are rigidly constrainted by "the skin saving attitude of the Naval Int chief" (and he says when the Govt and the supreme commander of all armed forces neglects and hampers the war effort why should we stand before the Tamil Magistrate, human rights NGO's and LTTE pistol group and whilst karawala business is still profitable), police will appoint another Flebian Michelle (correct name Murugendran) to oversee their ops whilst earning quick money in unbelievable amounts, boats will come and go, Tamils will encircle the airport buying new homes.


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