Many Hidden Pitfalls On The Road To Peace.

By Suranimala JSBI for LankaWeb

Regardless of whether it is the Norwegian Ambassador hand in hand with Eric Solheim on their latest peace attempt or unscrupulous Religious and Political leaders' calls, supportive of the LTTE, there should be no pre-conditions, least of all the lifting of the ban or proscription of the LTTE to effect Peace Negotiations.

This is not a campaign which the Government has to answer to in any way other than to protect the Sovereignity of a Democratic Republic during a campaign of terror initiated by the LTTE who have drawn International Attention to their attrocities led by a megalomaniac which has seen their proscription called, ratified and effected with a just cause and would be an extremely unwise decision to contradict all of that and give the LTTE the moral victory they are waiting for. Besides that,the implications of de-proscription could be disastrous should the countries involved in it feel slighted and ursurped as a result, as ther call to wipe out Global Terrorism is gaining great momentum in recent times.

Considering the dangers of International Terrorism spreading and escalating beyond its present boundaries in Asia as a whole, it seems unusual also that the United Nations Organisation of which Sri Lanka is a Member of excellent standing has done little to get involved directly towards a lasting peace in Sri Lanka and perhaps would be the proper alternative to Norway which has too many skeptical onlookers looking on in disapproval as Norway seems to have ulterior motives regarding involvement in the Peace Process, albeit the Financial Aid presently pledged by Norway towards Economic Development in Sri Lanka which could be rescinded in the event of a negative response to their overtures and probably is the sole incentive for the Sri Lankan Government to play along with Norway's involvement.

In time to come the pitfalls on the road to a lasting peace will be many, most of them created by the LTTE in their typical manner of contradictions according to the latest research surveys conducted by international organisations specializing in the problems of developing nations with special focus on Sri Lanka involving an internal armed insurrection and the answer does not lie in lifting bans or de-proscription of the perpetrators.

The Dialogue must begin towards a cessation of hostilities, with the laying down of arms by the LTTE and dismantling their weaponry and answering to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and a Sovereign Nation in Tribunals conducted by an International Court of Justice patterned after its counterpart in the Netherlands after which a mosaic for integration into society with sole allegiance to the Administration should be designed where the participants are displaced citizens of the land as a direct result of the conflict irrespective of their ethnic origins, where they will be given the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

This could possibly include denouncers of the LTTE as there appears to be a growing number of this category presently, especially those forcibly enlisted.

The only bargaining tool towards a lasting peace should be the will of the people, in this case that of the the vast majority who believe that the banned and proscribed LTTE should remain in that category while Peace Negotiations are conducted anmd resolved positively.


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