Students and Bishops should stick to their disciplines.

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

Instead of anathema the two northern Bishops of Jaffna and Mannar, known sympathisers of the LTTE seem to be consorting with them as their recent actions have shown.Having fomented the fires of animosity and hatred in a veiled manner they continue to bedazzle the general public with their 'noble intentions'.Where were they when the Holy Shrine of Madhu was nearly wiped off the map by the LTTE and had to be saved only by remedial and timely action taken by the Armed Forces?.

Bishops and persons of the cloth of any religion seem incongruous when they begin to dabble in the politics relative to an armed insurrection in any manner other than offering a spiritual blessing toward peace in an effort to dissuade perpetrators of heinous attrocities which the LTTE are, though mercifully they appear to be getting phased out by a relentless Operation Kinihira IX.

Alongside these two eclectics, the University Students of Jaffna have banded together to submit signatures to the British Government in an attempt to prevent the LTTE being proscribed and outlawed, which most likely are under pressure from the LTTE whose tactics in the past have coincided with similar pressures applied to the people in the areas they loosely control and is a part of their Modus Operandi.

Well! all these actions seem to have come a little too late as the discerning World Leaders, most importantly Great Britain and The USA have expressed in no uncertain terms the urgent need to eradicate these oppressors of a Sovereign Nation and the threat of a European Conflagaration of terrorism which may be simulated as a result of their activities, the latter probably an exaggerated phobia but nevertheless plausible.

Perhaps the University Students of Jaffna should focus on their academic objectives although they could have a sensible change of heart and be advised to throw in their signatures with those of the other group of Sri Lankans synonymously submitting a list of sign atures, well over a million it is reported, in favour of outlawing LTTE operations.The two Bishops it is hoped will return to tending their flock, back in their dioceses.


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