There Are Circuses And Then There Is Cricket !

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The Test is over,Bulathsinhala Cooray has been incarcerated beyond redemption but the Beat Goes On !. An unending cacophony from the English Camp, courtesy of Messers Hussein, Atherton, Stewart and Co. with their sanctimonious comments about the merits of and recommendations for proper umpiring,and the outspoken views of the controversial Ian Botham, for Sky Sports about the line and length of Chaminda Vaas's bowling, made from some obscure spot outside his field of vision away from the playing area,and suggestions that B.C.Cooray was probably 'Shot To Pieces' etc., (pure speculation and conjecture at best and rather uncomplimentary coming from someone of his stature), are gumming up the News and best kept to themselves.Thanks Kindly but No Thanks!

Perhaps the high tech innovations which seem to mar the present day game of cricket would be better applied towards a scientific analysis of their comments and reasoning which seem to indicate poor judgement and a total lack of insight considering their aspirations to 'stardom'.

It is upto the ICC to take remedial action if necessary and not upto the 'Playing Pundits' and 'Head Hunters' of England who scraped home to a victory aided by the umpires and they should be thankful for small mercies.Had the decisions involving Sanath Jayasuriya and Nasser Hussain amongst others, gone the other way, the outcome of the game would surely have been reversed and it is bewildering to experience these outbursts as the basic concepts of the game have been swept under the carpet in the name of its transformation into the modern day game which seems totally out of whack! The Sri Lankans have a right to grieve as well, but they will probably show more decorum and express themselves in the next Test and One Day Games.

"Bravo!Kumar Sangakkara for your polished interview with the BBC on Sportsworld which was aired to a world audience and made Sri Lankans proud for your show of class and dignity and most of all the Spirit of Trinity College!"

During the Fifties and Sixties a certain Australian umpire by the name of Mel Macinnes, still remembered for his blatantly biased, obnoxious and partisan umpiring which often threw the outcome of games in Australia's favour particularly during the Ashes Series makes B.C.Cooray tame by comparison, yet he was tolerated and never incarcerated and the then English Gentlemen of the day Gentlemen to be sure!,took it in stride with a mere shrug of their shoulders.It is rumored that his demise came finally, by over imbibing in Australian Brewed English Beer!

Gamesmanship is definitely the order of the day though there still exists a touch of sportsmanship in cricket thankfully but it is only a game and not a war. Graciousness,pleasantry and the joys of playing the noble game should never be per-empted for the sake of victory at any cost,and someone wrote recently: "Sadly, The Memory Of The Great Don Bradman Has Hardly Begun To Fade, When Everything He Stood For, His Love Of The Game, His Principles, Dignity and Class Are Being Insulted "

There Are Circuses And Then There Is CRICKET !!!


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