Latest Opinion Poll Gimmickry Points Towards UNP Insecurities.

Nandimithra for LankaWeb

It would take a rocket scientist's capability in the prevailing political climate of Sri Lanka to be able to predict the outcome of the impending General Election based on popularity polls and random surveys. In reality it would be trying to achieve the near impossible in a population of around 19 million people and far too many extraneous factors which would logically prevent any degree of accuracy.

The UNP however goes about proclaiming the projected end result of the Elections based on 'their' opinion polls probably hoping to sway the minds of undecided voters in a desperate situation where its popularity is waning. In most cases of opinion polls as in countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA for example independent polls and surveys are conducted by Agencies such as Gallup in a viable manner within accurate parameters and a reachable proportion of the greater population and are usually close to being correct but given the case of Sri Lanka in the present circumstances it seems inapplicable and a near impossible task as there are too many unknowns to be dealt with.

Of all the recent surveys conducted however, there has been one which appears to have instilled apprehension into the UNP of their chances of victory and 'a quick huddle' of concerned candidates have gathered at Sri Kotha to re-plan their strategies as it has predicted a win for the PA and JVP which really needs no polls or surveys to ascertain its possibility for real. Outside of Urban and Suburban Areas, independent sources of inquiry though unconfirmed officially have learned that there appears to be tumultuous support for the JVP and the PA and a vast proportion of the rural voters have indicated disapproval of the UNP in favor of the PA and the JVP where as the status of preference for the Sihala Urumaya is unknown.

The UNP has had a reputation of conveying a false sense of security to voters in their platform speeches and have presented manifestos of the same inference for time immemorial as the record proves and falsifying facts through clever though corrupt manipulation is nothing new, and done with the objective of self assurance, also in a rather tentative manner.

There was a time in recent history where a former late noble leader of the UNP, too noble and deceased to mention perpetrated one of the biggest innuendos presented to an International Finance Agency about the state of self sufficiency in Rice production to justify the granting of financial aid for paddy cultivation. Simple deception was used with officially documented statistics from the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Lands Irrigation and Power and Ministry of Agriculture. The 'trick' consisted of figures representing the yield of paddy in a heavily fertilized acre of paddy tract, multiplied by the entire cultivatable paddy tracts available in the land. The result showed a bumper harvest on paper! whereas in reality the nation was hungry and depended on huge imports of rice. Apparently the trick failed and was Internationally exposed much to the chagrin of the Party and its embarrassment. Polls and surveys relative to the Elections by pro UNP protractors could easily have the same flavor of illusion which conveys little or nothing to the fact of the matter.

In fact it is gimmickry by the UNP based upon their insecurities and the confusion prevailing within their rank and file and the latest attempt to mislead the General Public.


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