Jaffna University Students and the Duo of Northern Bishops

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

Whether In times of crises or normalcy, somehow organizations and entities who should ideally stay within their parameters more often than not tend to stray beyond them.Sometimes under coercion and other times based on their own sense of bad judgement and this seems true respectively of the Jaffna University Students and the Bishops of Jaffna and Mannar who seem to be 'Shaking the Tree' in the hope that something beyond reason may fall out, which is wishful thinking.

It is unlikely that the signatures being submitted to the British Government protesting the LTTE being proscribed as Terrorists by these students have been collected under spontaneity and personal convictions and on the contrary, there is reason to beleive that the LTTE have been the persuasive factor behind it. Easy to accept, as their 'Modus Operandi' in the past has always been based on pressure tactics.Their desperation probably urgent and in the ultimate phase prior to annihilation in the face of 'Kinihira IX whose power and might is becoming more apparent.

The two Bishops, from Mannar and Jaffna respectively known sympathisers of the LTTE also seem to have found their way to the Wanni in a mediatory mood, unsolicited and unrequested by the Authorities in a strange gesture which they attribute towards peace but Where Were They, when the Holy Shrine of Madhu in Mannar, The Shrine of the Sacred Bo-Tree in Anuradhapura, The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy and many other places of worship were very nearly wiped out by the ruthless attacks carried out by the LTTE.Was a single public prayer session conducted or any positive attempt made to condemn them or in anyway atone for them ? Unlikely, but suddenly they are showing empathy towards them when it should be anathema instead.

Neither moves on the part of the University Students nor the Bishops carry too much credibility and they should realise the futility of their effort which in reality is a total waste of time as Great Britain and the USA together with many other World Leaders have vowed to unite in wiping out terrorism as they are aware of the dangers of it's escalation globally and in Europe and there is every reason to beleive that the proscription of the LTTE is a foregone conclusion.

Finally it should be mentioned that Those signatures collected by these students could be put to better use if they were added on to the list of a million or more signatures being presented by a patriotic group of Lankans in support of proscribing the LTTE in Great Britain and elsewhere and that University Students should focus more on their immediate academic priorities instead of dabbling in matters beyond their comprehension. Relatively, 'men of the cloth' Bishops included could better serve their purpose, ecumenical vows, religious obligations, God and Country by tending their flock spiritually rather than collaborating with terrorists.



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