The President's Choice is the Right Choice !

Suranimala JSBI For LankaWeb

That the Founding Fathers of the present Sri Lankan Constitution has provided more than adequate preventive and pre-emptive measures to safeguard the Government in a crisis, has been illustrated perfectly by the courageous decision taken by the President to Prorogue Parliament and confound all of the avaricious and shamelessly greedy opposition who have plotted to bring down the Government in order to serve their own ends with no thought to the unity and well being of the Nation.

Mr A.A.M. Nizam of Matara in his recent article to LankaWeb on 11.08.01 has provided many pointers towards the veracity of the motives of the opposition parties collaborating to drag down the ruling party coalition in his most illustratively and accurately expressed opinion which also refers to the real dark force behind the opposition, namely the LTTE in a do or die move for survival which seems to be true even in the case of the opposition who may never ever get another opportunity to indulge in their dark deeds which they mistakenly seem to think the general population is oblivious to.

The President's move which has drawn criticisms from her opponents with cries of 'foul play', 'unfair', 'undemocratic' and 'the first step to a dictatorship' etc. is viable, more than justified and perfectly legal and has been taken to preserve the Integrity of the Nation where her hand has been literally forced to take this step. A prerogative used in order to avoid a Chaotic National State of Civil Unrest, the ever present threat of the LTTE (whose apathetic attempts to continue their disruptive campaigns against the Government are being illustrated at this very moment by a certain 'powerful' and wealthy European gun runner and LTTE sympathiser presently booked into a 5 star hotel in Colombo in the guise of an archaeologist probably planning dastardly deeds allegedly directed against the Government in collaboration with the architects of the No Confidence Motion) and to prove to the Nation that there is a need to address a seriously flawed electoral system which contradicts the mandate of the people in permitting an unscrupulous opposition to even attempt the huge disruptions of their present design which needs to be set right. She has moved in the direction of a National referendum which will be a prelude to restructuring the Constitution, a reality which the opposition in all probability abhors as it may signal their demise!.

If the cry is one of unfairness and non democratic tactics, against the Government, in what category are the miserable tactics deployed by the opposition and their attempts to smear, denigrate and drag down a Government valiantly trying to preserve its Integrity? A Government within the Commonwealth and the United Nations which has International backing for its Anti Terrorist Stand and has received many accolades for all it has accomplished in its brief tenure, with many countries providing Moral and Financial Support for its development and continuity towards building a Nation of Prosperity for all its sons and daughters and their future generations.


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