International Terrorism Needs A Global Sweep Towards Its Eradication

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The horror which rained from the skies in the USA in the cities of New York and Washington D.C. yesterday leaving behind a carnage hitherto unrivalled in the history of America is a chilling reminder that International Terrorism if permitted to continue, could very well raise its ugly head anywhere in the world and raises questions about our own terrorist problems within Sri Lanka where many analogies are already being drawn between the LTTE and their modus operandi led by multi faceted subversive elements such as Velupillai Prabakharan and the terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden where the only dissimilarities appear to be personal wealth where one of them, has resources available through surreptitiously illegal fundraising by extortion, arms and drug running and contributions from misguided donors and the other is a multi-millionaire of inherited oil wealth both leading covert and clandestine lives conducting their nefarious activities while hiding from International Authorities and the law.

Their ruthlessness, cold and calculated planning of murderous intent, disregard for human life and fanaticism however has little disparity as World Leaders are finally beginning become aware of the threat they pose to the entire world and the need for their swift negation . It has taken a catastrophe of this magnitude for the World to open its eyes to the realities of terrorism and its perpetrators and the need to take the single remedial action of eradication and rid the world of their disastrous presence once and for all.

Many Heads of States from various parts of the World upholding International Peace have condemned the vicious, ruthless and well co-coordinated attacks of terrorism in the USA, naming it a War Against Decent Human Society and calling for unity and solidarity in joining hands to fight it on behalf of all humanity and the same clarion call must go out to fight and eliminate the LTTE who have wreaked havoc and caused vast destruction of innocent lives and public property within Sri Lanka and also have been responsible for the assassination of the former Leader of neighboring India amongst their many atrocities. There can be no reservations or conciliatory gestures in the face of what the World stands to lose if International Terrorism continues to escalate and yesterday's attacks in the USA have proved this beyond any reasonable doubt.

Decades of development and progress in Sri Lanka have been needlessly disrupted by the Terrorist Activities of the LTTE and remains the single most nagging obstacle hampering the Nation's progress. A concerted effort is needed with unity and a great urgency towards repressing them, in Sri Lanka's march towards progress and the restoration of a normal economic order and safe haven for human life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or ethnicity in the rebuilding of Sri Lanka which now seems imperative.

Terrorism is likened to a tool of the Devil in its worst form where nothing viable for the progress of the human race is accomplished and its perpetrators are none but the spawns of the Devil itself, leaving behind a trail of destruction, horror, human suffering, unbearable pain and anguish for which there is no justification and is a pathetic aberration of unsound minds plaguing the world today. There can be no bargaining with their sick attributes as an almost schizoid blood lust seems to possess terrorists and their terrorism through armed insurrection, whose objectives since its inception have never really been achieved and has no place in civilized society and there is no vilification in its condemnation as an unnecessary evil .

The time surely is at hand when a massive International Army Against Terrorism perhaps in the form of a refurbished NATO with ultra rapid, deployment capability is needed to maintain a sane balance of peace and integrity in a secure World Order as it heads further into the New Millennium. Sri Lanka certainly merits the benefits of a huge upsurge against the terrorism prevailing within the country conducted with the intent to eradicate it completely, in the same token as does all other world regions where any form of terrorism exists and now seems to be the appropriate time to begin. A Global Sweep against all existing terrorist orders conducted with a no holds barred! ruthless efficiency and precision would ensure the rights of all peace loving people to conduct their lives free of terror and lead normal lives, lest Armageddon is just around the corner!.


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