Canada 's Tolerance of LTTE activities and France's denial of Sri Lanka's Call.

Nandimithra W.S.B.F.L. (Wideshiya Sinha Balawegaya for a Free Lanka} for LankaWeb

It has now gone on for decades, what the National Post of Canada is pointing out with great assertion, the manner in which LTTE activities in Canada continue with impunity under the near blind eye of the Canadian Government as pointed out by Mr. Walter Jayawardena of Los Angeles.

The chief contributors to this aberration are former Leaders Joe Clark and Brian Mulrooney who had little insight into the manner in which their Governments admitted refugees into the country during their tenure admitting all and sundry with minimal background checks, a matter of great concern globally at present as there are criminals involved in high crimes and misdemeanors, murder, extortion and the like, who have entered Canada due to these lapses.

Fortifying the claims of these individuals are clever Barristers and Solicitors able to twist the Justice System to suit their requirements and clear legal loopholes in the already weak and archaic Immigration Laws for exorbitant legal fees also with impunity!

In Canada and in the USA amongst other Western Countries "Money Talks And Cow Dung (substituted respectfully for the real term Bull S..t) Walks!

Though rather late for considerations, the Canadian Government is now beginning to heed warnings about the lax Immigration Laws as there has been a loud call from the USA to re-structure and tighten Canadian Security and Immigration Laws in order to prevent subversives entering the country as some of them filter into the USA which is also relatively easy and worries the US Government. A recent attempt to breach Immigration with intentions of disrupting a Major International Event originated in Montreal Canada and was fortunately detected and snuffed out and the miscreants apprehended!

The two Cabinet Minsters Martin and Minna who have graced with their presences, certain events of Organizations suspected of being fronts for the LTTE have probably done so inadvertently it is assumed, although there have been representations and allegations made that a large number of their constituents are members of the Tamil Community whom they do not wish to displease. They have, in response to accusations made regarding their involvement with these Organizations, hit back with cries of "Bigotry and Racism" which is of little consequence and a reversal of the realities of the expressions relative to what goes on within the country as Racism and Bigotry are rife in certain areas of Government and the Private Sector regardless of the purists euphemisms!

The fact of the matter is, indeed LTTE activities are alive and well within Canada and need to be addressed with a view to ending them permanently and is the bounden responsibility of the Canadian Government towards which Messers Martin and Minna seemingly have not contributed.

France too in what she terms 'a compassionate attitude towards Human Rights' is another notorious contributor towards admitting and harboring runaway dissidents and terrorists who regroup and overthrow Governments and is a relatively safe haven for subversives and was a stepping stone for many who eventually entered Canada having bled the French Welfare System 'White' and were no longer tolerated.

Recently the Assertion by the Sri Lankan Government of France's refusal to admit LTTE activist/theoretician Anton Balasingham and his cohorts and France's subsequent denial of the Sri Lankan Communiqué to this effect is an indication of The French Government's apathetic attitude indicating a willingness towards providing platforms for individuals and groups internationally known as harbingers of terrorism. Something they should reconsider as the Khomeinis, the Carlos', the Khalids, the Bin Ladens together with a host of subversives are supposed to have at sometime or the other passed through their portals, according to available information which would be denied for obvious reasons. If indeed France's response is an affirmation of the willingness to admit the likes of Balasingham already denied entry into many other countries, it is an affront to all peace loving Nations including Sri Lanka who could ill afford further atrocities presently tearing her apart towards which the likes of these individuals campaign regularly.

It is a relatively easy matter for the Canadian Leadership under the Hon. Mr. Jean Chretien to pontificate about the attributes of 'standing up for peace and the rights of individuals to their freedom' which should really be put into perspective by severely admonishing his Cabinet Ministers accused of being involved with LTTE Front Organizations and considering Canada's affiliations with France (especially French Canada!) it would be in keeping with his voiced aspirations if he could influence the French Government to screen and bar the entry of subversives with dubious track records, into that country while effecting the same in Canada and extraditing criminals into their countries of origin effectively.


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