A New Beginning, New Leadership And A Bounden Duty To Preserve The Nation

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Is this this a new beginning for Sri Lanka? and if so does it begin with "providing ladders for the Springing Monkeys" (of the LTTE ) to use the old Sinhala Adage to further their quest for secession? Or is it a ploy to cajole the terrorists who have systematically disrupted the progress of the Nation for decades, out of hiding in order to deal with them unconditionally as a prelude to providing REAL redress for the Tamil Community and restoring their right to lead normal lives. The LTTE has taken over the role of Guardian Angels over the Tamil Community with no real overall mandate other than their own 'strong arm tactics'! as the real object of their affections appears still appears to be their quest for Eelam and their present stand a mere alternative approach of veiled insincerity tantamount to subterfuge.

A Mr. Sampanthan of the Tamil National Alliance and UNP MP, Mr. Maheswaran have more than confirmed the bravado of the LTTE through their ominous sounding threats and demands which if acceded to could project the nation into anarchy at the hands of the LTTE ( Already Reported To Have Launced Another Vicious Attack Against An Army Camp In Trincomalee) in the wake of the UNP Election and proved beyond any doubt that there was in fact, as pointed out by the PA Government, an understanding between the LTTE and the UNP which was verbally confirmed by Maheswaran's statement to the BBC on the 7th of December where he has stated that quote"Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe has been in agreement to consider the demands of the LTTE " end quote even prior to the result of the Election.

The scenario which now has shifted from once cornered Tigers waiting for the final salvo which would have resulted in their extinction from the Resplendant Isle, to one of Elephant Riding Tigers now riding a high wave of brash arrogance as though the election victory was theirs for the asking and the puppet show of the UNP dancers is about to begin together with a dangerous projection towards an uncertain future as it seems to be on the verge of unleashing the suppressed LTTE denounced Globally, banned and proscribed into a stranglehold as far as their global operations are concerened.Yet the projecction within Sri Lanka appears to be in direct contravention of this reality and a travesty of International justice!!.

There are participants in the show, such as Prof. G.L. Peiris who should have really remained in his role as an educater, consultant and analyst who seem to be greatly lacking in political savvy and decorum regarless of his high academics and stoops down to grass roots level by uttering veiled insinuations about the cutting off of funding to Presidential Propositions in case they are not in agreement with the policies of the UNP amounting to political blackmail, and the likes of two faced Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena, the chief go between in the UNP- LTTE covert operations, Rauf Hakeem the fence jumper whose indiscretions have raised eyebrows within his own community and S.B.Dissanayake whose nefarious activities reached far beyond the improprieties of allegations regarding the channelling Government Funds into his own pocket through devious means, the fruits of his indiscretions being displayed in the form of the constructed mansion of vast proportions on an estate in the hill country and the relentless intimidation of a renowned sporting figure who rejected his advances, some of the more prominent members of a happy band of 'thick skinned silver tongued orators' whose profanities and innuendos directed at the President has reverberated across the nation. The latest additions to the show are the likes of former PA member Fowzie currently seeking a billet in the UNP under the guise of his support towards a National Government whose scruples would appear to be not much more than that of a civet cat in search of toddy if he persists !.

As the tit for tat mentality of revenge by the victors over the vanquished continues, Mr. Prime Minister has proclaimed the possibility of a million supporters demonstrating their support for his demands that the President should relinquish her portfolios and her rights in a sense, and there seems no end to the Feudatory Nature of the Assumed State which has gone on for generations and the apathetic forays into dignities and pride of the previous regime continues as a legacy handed down by the founding fathers. If there was any semblance of a possibility, the UNP would drag down the Presidency, denounce the rights of the President and humiliate her which fortunately for the Nation is relatively unaccomplishable although there are deserving cases of punitive action which seems mandatory such as in the case of the election attrocities against the Muslim Community in Kandy for which the instigators and perpetrators need to be brought to justice.

These are very turbulent times for Sri Lanka when the need for Presidential Strength is Imperative and the astute wisdom of opposition manouvres in their supportive contributions towards the stability of the Nation,while preventing the running amok of indiscreets within the ruling party is of the utmost importance. Suppresed and proscribed terrorists can neither be released not bargained with regardless of the pundits who advocate their release and it is expected by a trusting Nation that they will never be delivered into the hands of anarchists and killers capable of resurging carnage and the assurances of this, rests in the hands of the Administration and the overall Leadership whose bounden duty it is to preserve the Nation.


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