A Chiiling and Accurate Symposium Which Needs Closer Scrutiny.

Gotabhaya - Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.) for LankaWeb

The recent article "Nothing Can Save Us From The National Shame, My Heart Is Weeping" anonymous and published in LankaWeb News is a chilling revelation and a frightening post-mortem into the recent airport attacks written with uncanny accuracy as far as the planned details and execution are concerned and mind boggling as to why the Authorities Concerned (if they were informed well ahead of time )did not take stringent remedial action to avert the disaster which followed although there is no verifiable confirmation of the credibility of its author regardless of its incredible intonations of hindsight relative to the predictability of outcome.

If according to this item, the clues to the Airport Attacks were unearthed about 3 years ago in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by the 'Meda Peradiga Sinhhala Sinsanda' Intelligence and further investigated until it became fully comprehensive and beyond reasonable doubt based upon subversives (disgiused as Tamil Labourers) making composites of the Katunayake Airport Layout using computer photo-analyses, satellite pictures setting up ground photography and the Foremost Authorities informed about them, why were they so blatantly ignored?.

The entities quoted as those informed are: Air Lanka Security, a retired Army General, an Army Colonel of the Ministry of Defence ( much conjecture as to his identity!!), Senior Air Force Officers at Katunayake, Naval Intelligence and other Army Personnel who, if by their sheer apathetic disregard to warnings of an impending disaster, may to have to bear the shame of irresponsibility and the neglect of their official as well as civic duties.More than likely, these are important contingencies which should be re-researched, analysed for accuracies and bona-fides established with the intention of heavy punitive action to be imparted to all those responsible if Singled Out! and much, much more than what is being already meted out. Court martials and dishonorable discharges included!!
There seems to be a numbing accuracy about the details of the LTTE Plan as outlined in this article which does not sound like conjecture. From the point of commencement to its ultimate disastrous conclusion it displays in crystal clear accuracy, the modus operandi of the vicious and ruthless terrorist group the LTTE, their arrogant confidence with particular reference to the executors of this attack, their precise route planning, penetration of the perimeter defence barrier, carrying heavy armaments, their final pre-suicidal repast laced with drinks and kotthu rotis, how they networked and orchestrated the attacks and how easy it was for them to breach security with obvious inside help and the many horrendous lapses of the authorities some of whom allegedly were "partying with 'Thai Cabaret Dancers' and intoxicated at the time of the attack", quote unquote, which would then obviously have made the task of the terrorists all the more easy.
The fears and suspicions of local residents at the surreptitious movement of the terrorists under cover of darkness, prior to their pre-dawn attacks which were literally ignored when local police were informed have also been highlighted with shameful accuracy. The ineptitude of Army and Navy Intelligence , references to the acceptance of gratuities by certain police personnel , duplications of keys to door permitting entry into strategic security areas, with 'inside help', has also been illustrated vividly and has a resounding ring of truth to it.
There are also, doomsday intonations hinted darkly and understandably in this news item based on recent Air Lanka recruitment of Tamils with little or no background checks,the purchase of property by the same community in the vicinity and environs of the Airport with special mention to areas close to the flightpath of aircraft, and no evident security which needs to be completely investigated for accuracy, in retrospect and redressed immediately even though, quote"it may be too little too late" unquote and spinechilling!! considering further impending disaster! which has been implied as a possible eventuality regardless! and in the interests of the Nation, its Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity, the facts presented by this perceptive informat must be taken at face value. Resounding reason enough, for all political parties with any love for the well being and preservation of their Nation, to lay aside their differences and begin worrying about National Security more so than ever before!!!.


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