Anton Balasingham in no position To Make Any Demands.

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Recent criticisms by LTTE spokesperson Anton Balasingham who in his now familiar style has spoken out against the M.O.U. between the P.A and the J.V.P. while uttering veiled threats about how the Tamil Community may continue towards self determination and the need to recall Norway's Erik Solheim as their champion in a renewed Peace Initiative seem to have a rather meaningless ring to it. Solheim pre-empted by his Government has been discontinued from further participation in any negotiations being of dubious character and carrying a tarnished reputation of bias despite LTTE requests for his presence.Balasingham's main bone of contention appears to be opposition by the P.A.-J.V.P. to involve outside mediators such as Norway in what they term an 'internal matter' conditionally laid down by the JVP in their M.O.U. with the P.A. Government.

Contrary to all the rhetoric being poured out, Balasingham should find a means to pacify the U.S.A., many World Leaders and the International Community demanding an end to International Terrorism to which his LTTE cohorts have been generous contributors and find a means to endure the rain of fire and brimstone about to descend upon them with a view to laying down arms and restoring peace within Sri Lanka in the interest of all its citizens and the rest of the World. The President's support extended to the crisis as a result of the recent horrifying terrorist attacks has outlined in no uncertain terms the need for an International Response towards eliminating terrorism which is more than visibly present within Sri Lanka in the image of the LTTE and has extended her concerns through her first hand awareness of the danger International Terrorism poses regionally and to the entire Free World and that no measures will be spared this time around to eradicate it in the absence of an alternative. She will more than likely receive a huge response to this request from the New World Alliance Against Terrorism which should send the likes of Anton Balasingham packing and running for cover together with the rest of his infamous team.

As it is, the LTTE attrocities continue with attacks on Law Enforcement Agencies and Civillians on one side while their main spokesperson Balasingham in a rather pretentious air of authority continues to confront the Administration with threats and demands which could never be substantiated now more so than before in view of the World Condemnation of any and all forms of terrorism taken up in unison in an awesome coalition refered to earlier, against terror comprising mainly of The U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China - The Superpowers, whose mandate together with all other peace loving nations spells disaster for terrorism in any form where the LTTE, Balasingham, and all their affiliates presently classified as International Terrorists are no exceptions and are in no bargaining position to make any demands to the New Administration nor compromise its integrity.

A lasting peace however awaits them should they lay down arms honorably denounce their idealogies designed to destroy rather than create and co-operate in restoring order most importantly to their indisposed community as well as the rest of the Nation's Population who deserve to return to a normal way of life.


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