What's In A Name When Their True Colour Is The Same.

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Whatever they call themselves, United National Front (UNF), as opposition parties combined with defectors they still are a group of power hungry politicians with no principles who exploited electoral proxies and the pre-empting of the popular vote, thereby causing problems for the Ruling Party and in the end the Will Of The People must prevail which does not seem to have the UNF in their sights. Their pledges to "work towards" forming a strong Government which could resolve the Tamil Conflict seems to be hollow pledges the masses have heard before where the Uncles and Nephews of the UNP have monotonized the slogan without ever delivering the goods, so what makes them equitable to the task this time around?

Renegades who commit fraud and run from the consequences, opportunists who jump at promises of huge financial gratuities by business people, inciters of pro LTTE sympathies amongst Plantation Workers whilst hiding behind Trade Union Manifestos, are these the type of individuals capable of restoring a normal order to Sri Lanka in an unassailable alliance? Hardly likely as they are more than likely to plunge the Nation deeper into turmoil if ever given another opportunity.

The only true alliance which had a semblance of capability to restore the woes of the Nation the PA-JVP MoU hardly had an opportunity to establish itself due to the crafty wiles of OL Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cronies who are now preaching a doctrine of peace with the LTTE and optimistically hoping for a positive response from the voters and in a short space of time forgetting the harm they have done to the Nation in the past few decades. A Nation left with empty coffers. Should they be victorious even accidentally or through voter fraud, thuggery and intimidation which they are very capable of, it would spell disaster to the very existence of Sri Lanka. The vote for the next Parliament has to be cast with prudence and indications are it will be, by a very discerning public.

A huge outcry has been heard from the defectors including Rauf Hakeem who have expressed their difficulty to work with the PA and also the JVP. Hakeem's dissent being the non granting of unreasonable concessions which would have been to his personal advantage and the other defectors objecting to the Commissions Of Inquiry set up by the JVP which would have exposed their fraudulent transactions and financial misdeeds and beyond that there has been no justification for the opposition to disrupt a Government whose direction has always been towards the Nation's progress where they have made no false promises about ending an ethnic conflict which keeps being deliberately escalated by the LTTE Leader to his own advantage.

The leader of the opposition brags about the collective ability of the opposition to end the 'authoritative rule' of Madame President Kumaratunge and that it was a moral victory for the people of the country casting aside the reality that the people had nothing to do with it where the popular vote was unheard whereby it was merely a statistical aberration of numbers in Parliament combined with chance which is not going to be repeated on Election Day.

Already the danger signs for the so called UNF are emerging in the form of Messers. Anura Bandaranaike and Rukman Senanayake poised to exit the UNP along with whom there will be other fair sized loyalist support for the PA which could very well project Sri Lanka towards her ultimate destiny along the righteous path to self determination from anarchy and freedom from terrorism which the UNP could not come close accomplishing despite their meanderings. Mr. Bandaranaike could very well be poised to fulfill his date with destiny in the traditions of his illustrious late father, one of the proudest Sons Of Lanka.

In the aftermath the JVP who have proved their credentials and loyalty towards the preservation of Sri Lanka through dedication and wisdom rather than betray it must reap their entitled reward, be recognized and accepted as the true saviors of a Nation in crisis whose integrity and resolve has exposed an errant opposition hell bent on lining their pockets.


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