Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar

Your Honorable Lakshman Kadirgamar has only a Tamil name and he is not considered as a Tamil within the Tamil community. His is very grateful to the Sinhala community and survives on the left over bones tossed at him by you people. But you know something, People change from time to time. Suppose tomorrow if Mr. Kadirgamar change a bit and start crying for the Tamil people, would you mention him as Honorable or praise him and admire him? Or would you look at him and say 'PARA THEMALA' ?



Re: Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar

Janagangsv has done it again in revealing his frustrations and bitterness about matters which he seems to apprehend only marginally.It would be beneath my journalistic dignity to respond to him at his level but I shall comment that his definition of a Tamil as applied to the Hon. Mr. Kadirgamar within the Tamil Community does not meet any accepted norm as it contradicts logic and seems to be based on ignorance and who is he to categorize this definition anyway without properly presenting his credentials to have any right for acceptance as an authority?.

For myself, I can proudly say that I have been a long standing member of the International Press Club and have recieved commendations about the standard of my journalism and impartiality , and though I normally refrain from being overly critical, he has exposed his 'Achille's Heel' by asking me if I would categorize the Hon. Minister as a'Para Demala' which translates in slang to 'Outcast Tamil' (not a part of my vocabulary!) should the Hon. Minister's sympathies change towards the Tamil Community hypothetically speaking but the fact of the matter is, the Hon. Minister's sympathies already are with the Tamil Community as well as all communities within the land and regrettably the only individuals acting in the manner of social outcasts are Janagangsv and the leadership of the LTTE who see fit to use such terms so loosely to describe a man of great honour and dignity.



Response to Mr.'JanagangsV' on his recent comments

The Gentleman Mr. JanagangsV in his article 'So Who Are The Real Terrorists My Friend?' seems to present an interpretative difficulty about the context in which Ronald(Robert) Knox in his 'An Historical Journal' the pre- Elizabethan Era document has refered to the native inhabitants of Ceylon which was cross referenced in my article and has ended up with a potpourri definition of the word terrorist.

Not only is the reference archaic but amazingly this person has flagrantly displayed a reluctance to recognize the main objective behind my article, namely the arrogance and contempt with which the British have always treated their colonial subjects and has nothing to do with terrorism, a fact internationally recognized.

It is unnecessary to enter the pros and cons of Sinhala - Tamil conflagarations in an attempt to analyze their justifications and demises whilst presenting titles to them as both sides have been guilty of attrocities which have been the end result of many entities contributing towards fomenting the fires of hatred although any disparities on sheer statistics alone would suggest that the end somehow justifies the means.

As to who the real terrorists are is a matter of logical definition and comparison looking at a segment of the initial incidents which unleashed backlashes and it was the indiscriminate killing of soldiers and villagers in Padaviya against the subsequent uprisings of the Sinhalese and one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who the guilty parties were and they certainly weren't terrorists!

The anguished tone of Mr.JanagangsV is recognized with a degree of sympathy as it is a response to man's inhumanity to man and is expressed on behalf of his ethnic brotherhood but it is reversible as the same applies to the innocents subjected to attrocities on the Sinhalese side of the fence as well. Incidentally 'Cingalese' is an ancient form of spelling and has a mere etymological connotation to its present day form, Singhalese, which is one and the same!!



Who are the real terrorists my friend?

Thanks very much Nandimithra for bringing up Ronald knox's writings about the Cinghalese. The man was extremely right about it. Where were you at the time of the communal riots in 1983? (not to mention the earlier once) If you would have witnessed the brutal massacres, rapes, looting and tortures by the cinghalese mobs on the innocent Tamils perhaps you would agree with Mr. Ronald knox too. Ethnic hatred and blood lust which you had mentioned will very well fit with the cinghalese who wants to make Sri Lanka a one whole Buddhist country. Yes, the IRA did not deliberately massacre innocent civilians or wantonly destroy public property. But the cinghalese mobs did in Sri Lanka. So can we brand them as terrorists and ban the whole cinghalese Sri Lankans? By the way Mr. Ronald Knox is a very smart guy. Why? Because there are two kinds of people who speak Sinhala in Sri Lanka. One is the peace loving 'SINHALESE' people. The other is the blood thirsty 'CINGHALESE' people which Mr. Knox wrote about.



Hello Nandimithra wake up!!!!!!!

Look who is barking about God, religion and university students. You Sinhalese started all these in Sri Lanka. And whatever you did you put Buddha behind it. Buddha was a peace loving kind hearted soul. Not a blood thirsty and wicked and cruel person like you people are. You mention the attacks on Madu temple, Bodhi tree temple in Anuradhapura and Dalada Maaligaava in Kandy. What about your army destroying thousands of Hindu temples in the North and east? Do you want to say anything about it? Or would you put the blame on LTTE for that too? By the way Madu temple was not attacked by the LTTE. It was attacked by your own Sinhala army. What goes around has to come around one day my friend. We will wait patiently and see.



Reply by Nandimithra

The recent submission by Mr.Janagangsv who seems to have his leanings towards the wrong entity also seems have a few facts misplaced and misrepresented about the destruction of places of worship, especially the attack on the Madhu Shrine.The reference to 'Barking about God, Religion and University Students must be conveyed to him as a reversal of aphorisms and in fact there aren't thousands of Hindu Temples in the North and East as in fact they number much less!!If there were that many on such a small surface area it would probably get in the Guinness Book of Records!!

The credibility about the real facts are unknown to the general public and the world at large and this individual too probably cannot accurately corroborate what he is implying, in blaming the Army who at the time of the attack had at its helm a devout Roman Catholic Major General who would not have jeapordized his status nor have carried out such a heinous attack which would have been self-destructive to say the least. The subsequent fallout, which blamed the Armed Forces was pure propaganda by the LTTE and their sympathisers and in any case their track record rests the case as it was documented that it was indeed the Armed Forces who restored order and secured the Statue and Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu. Reach into the News Archives for verification. The rest of the information is classified.

Unfortunately in a conflict of this nature the addage "All's Fair in War' comes into play and if the enemy had to be flushed out of hiding or their firepower countered, then their place of hiding becomes a target by logical choice with little options for the Armed Forces unlike the deliberate attacks on places such as the Temple of the Holy Bo Tree, The Temple of the Tooth,and Madhu which were occupied by incumbent clergy and innocent civilians at worship and tourists at the time of their attacks and outside the perimeter of a Military Operation . There is also an ominous sounding statement in this submission in its reference to 'What Goes Around Coming Around, We Will Wait And See!' which almost sounds like a threat, rather unwise as it may prove to be quite accurate but its author just may be on the wrong side of the analysis and the fence.

Howerver many things have to be put into perspective before conclusions are drawn and once the dust settles and peace and harmony returns to this beloved land of ours, there will be many post mortems and analyses which will conclude that this was a conflict that should never have taken place and should have been prevented.




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