JVP seem to be misinformed about the International Courts

Velusumana JSBI for LankaWeb

The JVP before submitting their intended represation to the International
Tribunal in the Hague,Netherlands, should be well advised that the purpose
and function of the International Tribunal is specifically to deal with
International Law Breakers and to bring War Criminals to justice.The
President of Sri Lanka does not fall into either of these categories and the
JVP could eventually be ridiculed about their threats to address the
International Tribunal and the important question asked in any event is, why
the JVP and not the UNP? who would be the more appropriate source to make
such a move, being the chief dissentors to the Presidential decision. The
'cat being used to extract the jack seed from the fire' as the vernacular
Sinhala saying goes? to avoid implication?

The Ill winds being generated by the dissenting opposition parties on the
issue of Parliament being prorogued is a clear indication of their
insecurity, almost a last ditch attempt for survival with little hope. The
President of Sri Lanka is the Executive President, CEO and totally in charge
through the powers vested in her by the Founding Fathers of the Constitution
regardless of the theories of the JVP and the UNP whose conjecture does not
give them any jurisdiction to oppose her nor give them any credibility in
the International Tribunal in the Hague.Nor is she a Dictator with
totalitarion ambitions but someone recognized Internationally as a great
leader and almost the Matriarch of Sri Lanka replacing her late beloved
mother in this category with great vision and love for her native Land.

Furthermore it is the continued disregard for order and the legality of the
Constitution by these two groups which seems have them headed towards a
path of anarchy and unrest within the country which could have the worst
consequences for them rather than the PA Government as the Nation as a whole
are more than likely to voice their opinion in the very referendum the UNP
and the JVP are attempting to block with injunctions and their rhetoric.The
International Tribunal is probably viewing the turn of events in Sri Lanka
at this very moment in amazement and disbelief and deliberating their
response in the unlikely event that a representation is made to them, which
in all probabilities will be in favour of the Democratically Elected
President and the PA.,as opposed to the bickerings of the Marxist JVP backed
by a power hungry UNP if the need ever arises.

Considering the basis of the proposed referendum by the President,which is
to decide upon changes to the totally flawed Electoral System relative to
Unfair Proxies where the Popular Vote has little say as opposed to
electorates by number and also the Constitutional Changes Proposed by the
President, it seems to be a justified referendum which would restore much
needed normalcy and order to the Nation which once again would probably be
viewed by the International Tribunal in favour of the President and the PA
Government if representations are made at all!.

All in all it would be a wasted effort by the JVP and the UNP to make this
representation to the International Tribunal which appears to be out of
order and has no jurisdiction relative to the mandate of the people nor the
parameters of the I.T. and they would be well advised to abort it rather
than bring ridicule and disrepute upon themselves and instead continue in
the direction of National Unity and stability within the land.


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