Rightful Steps

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

The terrorist LTTE, through its proxy parties and its hireling UNP tried to create chaos in the country using the inequitable composition of Parliament which denied people's genuine will due to the horrendous irrelevant proportional representation system.

The prudent measures taken by H.E. the President, to protect life and property and continue the proscription of the terrorists by using the Public Security Act to circumvent the lapsed Emergency Regulations and proroguing the Parliament and call for a referendum should be welcomed by all peace
loving people.

The loathsome UNP which was kicked in their backs by the people of this country not once but ten times since the country was liberated by the President from their barbaric reign of terror, was
planning to unleash a blood bath by resorting to undemocratic and unholy means.

They made the people's supreme legislature a mockery and a tool of the terrorists. If parliament was not prorogued, as prudently done by the President, this country could have witnessed the worst bloodbath in itshistory within the next few days.

The power hungry UNP was making every effort to beguile the innocent people from the villages and transport them to the capital to become pray to their own plans of mob violence. The terrorists and the UNP have a joint objective. They have the least concern for the wellbeing of the people. Capturing power by any means and suppressing the people are their ulterior motive.

This country is not a manor of the treacherous politicians to slice it the way they want and the people are not imbeciles for them to dupe whenever they want. Time has come for the people to make sacrifices and save this glorious nation from the clutches of the terrorists and their hireling political
buffoons who are driving this country to the abyss of destruction.


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