JVP seem to be misinformed about the International Courts.

Velusumana JSBI for LankaWeb.

The latest 123 India News report says that the JVP has intentions of taking the President of Sri Lanka to the International Tribunal in the Hague for her decision to prorogue Parliament and if this report is in any way accurate, they should be informed that the International Tribunal does not address grievances of disgruntled individual political parties but is there for the sole purpose of meting out justice to perpetrators of War Crimes against Humanity and Contravention of the International Code of Justice.

The actions of the President of Sri Lanka are perfectly legal and is laid out in the Constitution of Sri Lanka and she has exercised her right to prevent insurrection and anarchy within the country which the JVP themselves were involved in, in the not too distant history of the Nation in case they have forgotten.

They should forget their assumed role of 'Kingmakers' which certain misguided entities have falsely dubbed them and get on with progressive contributions towards National Unity rather than attempt to tarnish the Government's image in a manner similar to their other opposition allies 'hell bent' in their anti-Governmental campaigns.

Any political group at this juncture of the State of Affairs in Sri Lanka who use the term Democracy loosely, as a crutch to serve their own means while attempting to drag down a Democratically Elected Government are being totally hypocritical and distancing themselves from reality, as their modus operandi has little or no relevance to Democracy, but instead seem to be contradicting its very principles while leaning towards the objectives of the Government's main dilema the LTTE and their supporters.

Any action presented to the International Tribunal in the Hage in this token therefore would probably be viewed with derision and a negative response if any as the credibility rating of the Sri Lankan Government is based of the principles of Democracy and the mandate of the people which its opponents are presently trying to ursurp and overturn.Whereas the Government is merely trying to set right the equation, by seeking a referendum on certain aspects of the Constitution relative to the weak proxies of electoral percentages which are somewhat lopsided. Are these what the opposition parties including the JVP term undemocratic and dictatorial?

If one considers the principle of cause and effect as applied to the current situation in Sri Lanaka, everything points to the ultimate disruption of Democracy by the LTTE and its cohorts, the very debacle the Government is trying to prevent and The International Tribunal would more than likely view this as paramount to the continuation of Sri Lanka as the world knows it, rather than denounce the actions of the President based on the bleatings of a few misguided lambs.

Democracy is alive and well in Sri Lanka and will never be replaced by anarchy,insurrection and selfishly motivated oppression and could do with a surge of patriotic National Unity, an adage the International Tribunal will probably agree with.


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