Misguided Rats Deserting A Ship That May Not Sink.

Nandimithra - Jathayanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb.

All defections to the UNP by the band of deserters appear to be one of poor judgment, opportunistic ambitions and fear of incarceration for fraud and likened to the proverbial 'rats deserting a sinking ship' the only difference being, this ship is not likely to sink and the 'rats' in all likelihood may 'drown' in an ocean of indecision.

The bandwagon of deserters though increasing marginally is being counterbalanced by defectors from the opposition parties themselves and when all this is over the tables may well have turned on the UNP power seekers.

Sibling rivalry has been cast aside and a new leader has come of age with glittering credentials from a political heritage in the form of Mr.Anura Bandaranaike who already is drawing young blood from the confines of the more elite ranks of the UNP such as Mr. Rukman Senanayake and other accomplished personalities from the Opposition and being very selective not to pick two faced deserters. The dregs of the barrel are not needed if the Nation is to progress into the 21st Century as it is imperative that quality is maintained within the Parliament where decisions will be made by intelligent, perceptive and unbiased leadership which will be backed by an elite group of classy, patriotic Sons and daughters of Sri Lanka which would include the JVP and various other parties emerging as a force to reckon with.

Almost instantly following dissolution of Parliament, the UNP Propaganda Machine has commenced their dirty tactics in trying to convince voters of their sincerity and integrity and quick to broadcast their interpretation of indiscretions and irregularities by the PA and denigrating the JVP as a Marxist Party who has blocked the Peace Process and may disrupt free enterprise and foreign investment which is a misconception taking in the semantics of the definitions. There is no such thing as a Peace Process after the exposed bonafides of the LTTE and their collaborators such as Norway and others who fronted for the regrouping of the LTTE and subsequently bungled into revealing their true intentions, proven correct by the Airport and Airbase attacks together with a plethora of LTTE attacks on civilian and Government targets and the proclamations of refusal to negotiations with the Government which came literally from the 'Horses Mouth', a horse named Prabhakaran! who it appears was more interested in bringing down the PA Government rather than negotiating peace probably on the instigation of the opposition, proving their insincerity. The JVP has had foresight into the futility of a time wasting unattainable peace protracted only as a delaying tactic which has accomplished nothing towards peace.

The beef against the JVP rested upon the Commissions of Inquiry they requested in the MoU with the PA which seemed appropriate and in all likelihood would have exposed the misdeeds of the defectors who fled the 'crime scene'. If privatisation was objected by the JVP to it may have been a' faux pas' of none life threatening proportions which could have easily been set right although the reluctance for investment in a socialist climate by western enterprises is a natural phenomenon which could be set right in the manner comparable to China and Russia through proper negotiations and no big deal.

The amazing number of excuses by the UNP and its supporters jockeying for Parliamentary Seats to denigrate the PA and JVP only reflect their insecurity about what they have to offer to a strife ridden Nation and their manifestos show nothing towards alleviating the impoverished and have shown nothing during most of their past tenures as incumbents other than a token offering towards Middle Class and Low Income Housing during the Premadasa Government which was also a reign of terror for the outspoken few and those posing a threat to his leadership and a pattern which could easily re-commence if the UNP regained power.

Contesting and conducting a General Election oftentimes is a dirty game full of dirty tactics and gamesmanship which if overseen properly by the Commissioner can minimise irregularities by power hungry win at any cost contestants. Quite correctly the JVP has requested Western Observers to participate in it for good measure and hopefully the request would be acceded to in the best interests of fair play and justice.

There can be no analogies drawn between the UNP and the PA about which party has contributed better towards progress, for obvious reasons but the manner in which the UNP has sought power based on the single minded ambition of financial gain and personal cravings are reasons enough to adjudicate the right for the PA and the JVP to continue their program towards the restoration of Sri Lanka and delivering it to prosperity and peace for her people which 'deserting rats from an anticipated sinking ship' are ill equipped to accomplish as the ship is expected to stay afloat and sail through to the waters of success without them.


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