To Proscribe or Not? Probably beyond negotiation.

Nandimithra for Lankaweb 14th January 2001

The People's Daily of 14th January 2001 carries a plea by a Dr. Anton Balasingham regarding the merits for and against Britain proscibing the LTTE as a terrorist group an action which has already been taken by the USA and India.There are also veiled threats about the implications and reprisals of this action, directed at the Governmentof Sri Lanka.

What Mr. Balasingham fails to understand is that there are basic realities about the issue at hand which cannot be dispelled or ignored by mere verbal entreaties or threats and are being viewed by the International Community as well as Leaders of many nations collectively as in the best interests of all peace loving people Globally.

There also seems to be a misconception about the expression 'Peace Initiative' as there is a categorical difference between 'Bargaining with Terrorists' and 'Peace Initiatives' by Leaders of Sovereign Democracies whose objective is to preserve Democracy by negotiation.

Hence the steps taken by the USA, India at the helm of many Nations in favour of proscribing the LTTE is undeniably a fair one aimed at wiping out International Terrorism as outgoing President of the USA Mr.Bill Clinton recently emphasized.

The LTTE Leader Prabhakaran sometimes refered to as 'Sri Lanka's Public Enemy No 1' who is being sought after by Interpol and India for crimes against humanity and worse must live in a dreamworld if he beleives that negotiations through his cohorts such as those led by Mr. Balasingham and others based in Britain, Norway and other parts of the world permitting the covert operations of the LTTE for mercenary purposes and other will ultimately result in the relaxation of the Military Stranglehold they are in presently as their track record in the past is one of deceit and of broken accords which have been done to their advantage.

The odds which the LTTE seem to have to overcome are seemingly unsurmountable at present as they do not have the complete support of their own ethnic community at large nor that of the free world in general and the so called implications refered to in Mr. Balasingham's statement can only be taken in lighter vein as they are in no position to bargain and least of all dictate.Operation Kinihira is rank testimony to this and "May Their Victorious Surge Continue Until the Final Victory!!".

If however the LTTE proves beyond reasonable doubt that they are willing to lay down their arms unconditionally as a genuine gesture towards ending the horrors of the conflict which has caused so much havoc to mainly, innocent people and Public Property, it may be a moderate beginning but this is a process that requires great in depth scrutiny, planning and a powerful mediator such as the USA to acheive the result favourable to all and this will involve time and dedication.



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