Opposition's reference to proposed Civil Disobedience Campaign.

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The main Opposition Parties in Sri Lanka, 123 India reports are proposing a campaign of Civil Disobedience against the Government of Sri Lanka on the grounds that Parliament being prorogued is unconstitutional and illegal. What really are they talking about?

Firstly, the act of proroguing Parliament is a prerogative given to the President and firmly laid down in the Constitution which was re-structured in 1978 under the Jayawardena Presidency and a concession which could be utilised any time the President sees fit to safeguard the Interests of the Nation, Public Security and related matters, which in this case applies to the attempts of the UNP and its allies to bring down Parliament using the weak electoral proxies and pre-empting the parliamentary majority by crooked and unfair means and not contending with the Popular Vote and the Will of the People despite the interpretations of the UNP and JVP.

Secondly, the legality of the issue is unquestionable if prorogation is within the Constitution and the word 'illegal' taken totally out of context and directed at the Chief Executive of the Country with Executive Presidential Powers with the backing of the Peoples Mandate which could create a problem for the UNP and the JVP should it be pursued by the Government against the proposed Campaign of Civil Disobedience at a time when The Public Security Measures have been declared by the Government in conjunction with the Prevention of Terrorism Measures which could be activated in the case of Civil Unrest within the country and any trouble makers swiftly apprehended and prosecuted.

That the UNP and the JVP are campaigning to create problems is becoming more and more obvious with their moves against the Government and H.E. Madam President which does not seem to be going down well in the eyes of the Nation and most of the International Community with condemnations from many factions including the Public and Private Sectors who wish to get on with their enterprises and progress which the UNP and JVP are trying to disrupt based purely on greed, selfish motivation and the hunger for power regardless of how it is obtained.

Rather than screaming "Illegal" and "Unconstitutional" the UNP and JVP and others should 'throw in the towel' of harassment and oppression against the Ruling Party and join them towards A National Unity ensuring Prosperity and a Lasting Peace rather than further complicate an already complex situation with Civil Disobedience Campaigns and attempts to denigrate the Parliamentary and Judicial System which could ultimately backfire on them as they are projecting themselves towards a breach of justice which could leave them vulnerable to prosecution and severe penalties!.


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