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In the history of Sri Lanka we have witnessed several attempts by compradore capitalists, neo-colonialists and the national bourgeoisie, some successful and some abortive, to suppress the just rights and aspirations of the common masses. Intrigues of these anti social elements were not accidental events but well planned stratagems. It also didn't surface with the present government or the PA's ascension to power. The No Confidence Motion against the Government was only the latest attempt by the anti-social elements to deny people's rights and once again suppress the common masses.

It started with the entry of the great philanthropist and statesman Dr. S.A.Wickrremasinghe to the 1st Legislative Assembly in 1937. His entry opened the floodgates of the common masses to fight for their rights. Many of the things we enjoy today such as pension, minimum wages, workmen compensation, employees' provident funds, maternity benefits, abolition of child labour were some of the measures first fought for by Dr. Wickremasinghe in first State Council.

The British Imperialists and the national bourgeoisie fearful of his undaunted struggle for the down-trodden masses, prevented him entering the first Parliament by introducing a special provision in the Soulbury Constitution.

The UNP formed, sustained, and represented by the aforementioned anti-national troika had openly conspired and aided for suppression of the common masses, retard their progress, reverse and abrogate their achievements since the popular revolution of 1956, which liberated common masses from the shackles of imperialist and bourgeoisie oppression and bondage.

The anti-national anti-social troika had deceitfully assumed sometimes the role of Sinhala nationalists to suppress unity and create dissension among the masses (as in JR's infamous 1958 "Padayatra" ) and sometimes it had aroused hatred among the people (as in anti-Tamil pogroms in 1983). More than this it had always tried to bring-down the people's governments directly or indirectly using its collaborators and agents.

When Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike nationalised the schools and the foreign oil companies, the UNP cronies in the armed services led by C.C.Dissanayake (His grandson is a notorious braggart in the present UNP Parliamentary group) staged a coup in 1962 to capture power. They were convicted by the Courts but were paroled by the Queen of England due to the irrelevant alien Constitution we were subjected to at that time. Subsequently, the UNP connived with Silva to depose the duly elected people's government.

In 1970 when Mrs. Bandaranaike established the United Front Government, the capitalists and the ani-social elements led by JR made several attempts to disrupt its progressive measures and bring down the government. First he attempted to join the Government and break it within in 1971. This sinister attempt failed due to strong opposition he encountered from the Cabinet. Then during the Kalawewa by-election time, he attempted to create dissension in the Cabinet by creating two groups, Maithripala Group and Illangaratne Group. This stupid effort also misfired because their personal differences did not mar their dedication towards party policies and objectives.

Later he fabricated a 'Janavegaya' phobia by which he warned that Mr. Kumar Rupasinghe (ex-husband of Ms. Sunethra Bandaranaike) was planning to capture power with the collaboration of the leftists. This also died a natural death due to the unshakeable unity prevalent in the government ranks and highest respect they reposed in the Prime Minister Mrs. Bandaranaike.

After all attempts failed the despotic and tyrant JR came to power by deceiving the masses with a bag full of false promises. Such as, provision of 8 kgs of cereals for each person per week, creation of job banks to provide jobs to all unemployed, establishment of a right and just society etc. Upon assumption of power he introduced all anti-social draconian laws and subjected the masses into severe suppression.

The administration was politicized and UNP goondas wrested control of schools, government departments and corporations. Discriminatory transfers, unwarranted and illegal dismissals, intimidation and death threats for carrying out honest duty was encompassed all sectors of public service. Emergency laws were used to quell the working class. Several thousand public servants, who demanded a meager salary increase of Rs. 300.00 per month were severely assaulted and indiscriminately dismissed, forcing some of them to commit suicide later.

Senior Police officers were instructed not to interfere or hinder the activities of notorious UNP thugs. Residences of judges were stoned and the judges were subjected to physical assaults for upholding law and order. Notorious criminals were appointed as JPs and they were made above the law and order. Mahara by-election was rigged and thus denied Mr. Vijaya Kumaratunga's entry to Parliament.

The unseated Kalawana MP was allowed to illegally sit in Parliament, while the legitimate member Mr. Sarath Muttetuwegama was denied his seat. Under the false pretext of a Nexalite Revolution, innocent Mr. Vijaya Kumaratunge was imprisoned, and tortured in vengeance to his undaunted campaign in the Presidential Election in favour of Hector Kobbekaduwa, against all threats and intimidation.

The term of the Parliament was extended for a second term by an extensively rigged referendum. A new political culture of stuffing ballot boxes, seizing polling booths, impersonation of even popular politicians (such as Hector Kobbekaduwa, Pieter Keuneman etc), intimidation of voters at gun points, was introduced.

The British Ambassador who expressed concern about witnessing massive election rigging in Dickwella in the Matara District was declared a persona non grata. District Council in Jaffna was rigged and the world renown Jaffna library was torched. State instituted thuggery was unleashed on the Tamil population in Colombo and the suburbs forcing them to flee the country and become a massive funding base for the separatist terrorists.

No fruitful diplomatic action was taken to prevent India arming and training the terrorist groups, instead shamelessly captivated to unjust terms imposed by India. JVP and some other political parties were banned on false charges. Patriotic Generals in the forces such as Hector Kobbekaduwa and several others were eliminated with the assistance of the terrorists and they were profoundly compensated with arms, material and funds. 60,000 youths were exterminated alleging that they belonged to JVP, and many of them were inhumanly burnt alive in tyre pyres.

This reign of terror continued for 17 years under JR/Premadasa/Ranil, subjecting the masses to all hardships while providing all avenues for the capitalist class, the national bourgeoisie, and their cronies to nourish lavishly. It is when the country was in such chaos and anarchy, PA under the adroit leadership of President Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge rescued the nation and delivered the masses from the inhuman subjugation, and atrocities.

The unprecedented majority she received in the President election that ensued was ample testimony to the profound trust and confidence the people reposed in her. Failing to win by ballots, the UNP once again schemed to trample the popular wish and grab power by undemocratic and unethical means.

For this ignominious adventure the trusted companion for the UNP leader was the megalamaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran who has unreservedly proclaimed that the rule of Chandrika has been a curse on the Tamil people.

When the people election after election rejected the UNP and reposed their confidence in the PA, the UNP-LTTE combine attempted to assassinate her, in the last Presdiential election.

This anti-national anti-social combine made their last endeavour in the October elections by obstructing, intimidating, terrorising, and murdering PA candidates and supporters in the North East in order to capture power.

Despite all these obstacles voters in 109 electorates voted for the PA against only 32 voted for UNP. Unfortunately people's true mandate was not reflected in the allocation of seats due to unrealistic and horrendous proportionate system.

Since the election, UNP in collaboration with the proxy MPs of the LTTE made every attempt to obstruct government plans and contribute to the destructive cause of the terrorists. Futile attempts were made to thwart the British ban, prevent foreign aid flowing to the country, and disturb communal harmony.

Unsuccessful of all these efforts the UNP-LTTE combine submitted a no confidence motion against the Government, which actually sought license to establish a separatist administration in the North-East and a repressive regime in the rest of the country.

The UNP-LTTE proxies combine obtained only 42.04% (UNP only 40.21%) of the votes in the last election. Astonished by the daring move made by the President to prorogue the Parliament, these anti national and anti social elements headed by the treacherous UNP and fully backed and financed by the terrorists, are attempting to create chaos in the country.

Therefore, it is the bounden duty of the national minded patriotic masses to rise above party politics and join in unison to defeat the baneful attempt of the shameless traitors, and free the nation from their conspiracies.


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