New Threats Present New Opportunities Which Must Be Taken

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Even if it is to vindicate the recent vicious attacks on the Air Port and Military Base, this time around the LTTE threat to retake Jaffna must be met head on. Nothing should be spared for the sake of posterity, "All's Fair in Love and War" the saying goes. Perhaps it isn't bluff but it certainly needs to be called, 'with no love lost!'

It may be in prudent wisdom to sharpen strategies which may involve reshuffling of key offices, streamlining excessively staffed areas and tactical measures of defence stabilized to near impenetrable proportions and measures of attack intensified to a level of unerring accuracy, although probably unnecessary to consider the excessive measure of total aerial bombardment of all enemy grids just yet! while it certainly may be an option in an extreme situation.

The vermin that are destroying the Nation must be eradicated if they have the nerve to issue further threats to the Government who is still in the driving seat of Power and Military strength! Surely an indication of their awareness of the flavour of pseudo-National disunity perpetrated by the UNP at a time, when they, the LTTE mistakenly beleive, is appropriate to cash in!! Perhaps it is necessary to steal a page from the Nation of Israel's strategies presently faced with a similar crisis and for assistance to be requested from sympathetic Superpowers who may be willing to co-operate towards the cause of eradicating terrorism.

The standards set by Major General Janaka Perera must also be honorably maintained and elevated to a higher level where the combination of Intelligence, Strategy and the logical ease of outwitting a tenacious adversary through assertiveness and the utilization of maximum resources must be the only objective. There is no room for half witted decisions anymore as the heartbeat of a Nation this time around depends on available Cutting Edge Technology, esources and decision making where the margin of error would range between 0 and 0.5 %.

The only significant attitude shown by the LTTE for all the tenure of their existence has been one of suicidal motivations with no compassion for human life, property and the right to co-exist peacefully and one cannot help surmising that this would be the eventuality they are moving towards, self destruction! while dragging along innocent and unwilling victims.

Gone is the dream of their own aspirations for a separate homeland which has been rejected by a greater proportion, of their own community, the Global Community and totally out of reach. Once the infighting begins,if it already hasn't,then their own desperate motivations should flush them out of hiding signalling their demise having accomplished nothing other heinous crimes against a Sovereign Nation and its inhabitants.

An opportunity seems to have presented itself to the Government and it needs to be addressed in more than words in order to free the Nation from Bondage and perhaps the time is at hand to be liberated from the Liberation Tigers effectively.


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