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The recent pilgrimage of PA Minister Jeyraj Fernandopulle to the Holy Shrine of Madhu seems to have gone beyond spiritual intentions as he seems to have been spirited away into the Wanni with the blessings of the Bishop of Mannar, personal security and arms left behind and with an escort of the LTTE to hold talks with the terrorists, a unilateral decision it is presumed with no jurisdiction nor Government approval so what is he trying to accomplish?

Cheap publicity for himself or literally an attempt to 'beard the tiger in its own den' and get bitten in the process ?

There seems to be uncanny similarities between the renegade Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena's affiliations with the LTTE and this recent move by Minister Fernandopulle the likes of which should be closely scrutinised as it appears to be a direct circumvention of Government Policy and a conflict of interest where all negotiations should be authorised by the President herself so, all would be peacemakers should give it a second thought before attempting to 'go it alone'! The news is being broadcast (clandestinely of course) that this Minister is trying on the mantle of Norway's Erik Solheim which could easily wear thin on him as the undercurrent rumblings directed at Solheim were more than indicative of collaboration with the LTTE. The role of the Bishop of Mannar too needs little confirmation as he in addition to tending his flock has been accused of harboring the LTTE and pussyfooting to their needs rather than spreading the Gospel and implementing the directives of the Vatican.

Whether it be Naivete, Machismo or sincere concerns for the Nation, such independent actions not only jeapordize the Government's position regarding the state of affairs relative to the conflict with the LTTE terrorists but it also brings ridicule and cause for raised eyebrows in the eyes of the International Community and amongst World Leaders. The recent actions of this Member of the Cabinet needs serious querying unless pre-directed by the Goverement which does not appear to be the case.

Inevitably the LTTE gloat in such gestures which are a direct breach of protocol, as their slogans of "Being Able To Approach Anyone Or Anything Without Impunity" seem to acquire a realistic momentum within their camp and their supporters around the world as there are always Jeyraj Fernandopulles, Bishops of Mannar and Jaffna, Canadian and Indian High Commission Staff etc. etc. who are able to penetrate the mantle of the Wanni waving olive branches which regularly get repealed as some sort of violent action by the LTTE invariably follows.

In the meantime Government Forces are continuing airstrikes at LTTE targets and reason enough to believe that this Minister's actions had no Government Directive whatsoever!. If a collective consensus was taken about the attributes of negotiating with terrorists in the present circumstances as opposed to a military solution, there would more than likely be more ayes for the latter as the hand of the Government has been forced to a point of no return.

The destruction of the Nation by the LTTE continues together with their attrocities regardless of shoestring diplomacies by insignificant politicos, spiritual leaders and the like who would be well advised to stick to their appointed responsibilities "Thank You Very Much!".

There is an ancient Sinhala Proverb which says " Dogs should not attempt the tasks of Donkeys" which seems rather appropriate in this case!


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