Borrowed relationships -Alliance formed because of Bribes not beliefs

False Propaganda, Bribery And Shady Deals With Terrorists Do Not Win Elections.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balavegaya For LankaWeb

It is almost a tradition the UNP has a notoriety for propagating false propaganda against their historical rivals which has seen an intensity in recent times with mud slinging , intimidating rivalry and their 'win at any cost' mentality which has emboldened them to openly tout and solicit with rank disregard for principles or how much it is beginning to hurt their image. Are these the composites of next Ruling Party or is it a joke? Can they really substantiate their claims to the Right To Rule when they embrace double standards, con artists and continue their smear campaign against the PA and JVP who have projected Sri Lanka towards the light at the end of the tunnel?

In addition to the band of defectors from the PA Government, many other Parliamentary Candidates from the PA and JVP are presently being approached desperately by : you guessed it! none other than Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his deputies to try and compensate for anticipated defections from within the ranks of the UNP which seem likely to increase as Election Day draw nearer. The pendulum is likely to swing in the favour of the PA and the JVP who seem to be consolidating their rightful place as the next administrators of Sri Lanka considering the sorry state of affairs the UNP has projected itself into with lies, innuendos and false pledges.

The UNP faces another dilemma about postings for the new arrivals from the PA defections as there appears to be some confusion as to where best they will fit in and the in fighting seems to have begun already. In the long run, rather than being advantageous to them, the dissentors could very well prove to be an anathema rather than the catayst which would project their best interests.

Not surprisingly there has also been a response from the terrorist leader Prabhakaran about the LTTE's willingness to commence peace negotiations with no mediation from Norway and no mention of laying down of arms as he seems to have either a clandestine knowledge of the UNP's soft underbelly and Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene type sympathies towards them or the naiveté and gullible mentality of the UNP Leadership. Very discerningly the JVP has countered with the sentiment that it would be a grave error to collaborate with any overtures by the LTTE, TELO or TULF as collectively they could pose a serious threat to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. If Prabhakaran or the LTTE were in any way sincere about unconditional peace, why did they not respond to the PA Government's many calls for peace negotiations and why the unusual response to the UNP? Is there some hidden reality of a dark nature that the rest of Sri Lanka does not know? Such as the clandestine wooing of the LTTE by the assassinated President Premadasa?

Bearing in mind that the PA - JVP MoU was disrupted through conspiracy by a group of fraudulent, power hungry traitors where is the logic that a Nation would ever present a collective majority vote to these individuals who have proved time and time again that it is their personal interests which are prioritised by their moves and not that of the Nation where sadly the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and a meaningless internal armed insurrection continues!

The path which the PA and JVP have chosen for Sri Lanka must prevail for the restoration of sanity and a return to normalcy. It is an austere and prudent one with no Executive Presidency, a strong GDP with many new incentives for Foreign Investment and a Terrorist Free Environment where all Citizens alike would once again share a land of peace and tranquility and blend into the New World Order free of oppression and corruption and the preservation of Democracy which can only be accomplished through wisdom and selflessness.

May it be known that false propaganda, incentives to renege on one's principles through bribery and shady deals with terrorists attempting to destroy a Sovereign Nation of freedom loving people do not win elections nor sway voter sympathy.


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