On Darren Gough's article :Sri Lankans Are Cheats.

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Finally the 'Devil' himself has come out with an outpouring of frustrations with immature, irresponsible and apathetic comments about the Sri Lankans being cheats when it is the English Squad after their recent tour of Sri Lanka who should be so named.

"Lad from Barnsley restraining himself" indeed! so what is he implying? Is he so tough yet such a gentleman that he did not throw a punch which most likely may have ended his career and advesely affected his pocketbook!?

His Barnsley Roots were certainly displayed by his boorish attitude on the field and now he has the nerve to write an almost libellous article criticizing one of the games most accomplished captains Arjuna Ranatunga who for the likes of Gough retired temporarily but in reality should have been around to give the Gough, Atherton Stewart and company a taste of their own medicine, and Roshan Mahanama a Gentleman Cricketer if ever there was one hardly deserves Gough's ridiculous comments!Who does he think he really is? other than a bad loser with the rest of them! notwithstanding a few exceptions.

When it comes to cheating, in recent times, the incidents of gamesmanship and 'win at any cost' attitude has been best displayed by the Aussies and their umpires going back decades with England now trying to steal a page off their book and running a close second.They certainly will be closely watched in the forthcoming Pakistan and 'Ashes 'series for any indiscretions!!

An interesting observation with regards to dirty tactics is that curiously when a bowler is almost unplayable and feared such as Muralitharan and Shoaib Akthar, the throwing, chucking and no balling begins!, a new strategy perhaps but history has proved that in the face of the fiercest barrages by Larwood, Tyson, Hall, Griffith, Lilee and Thompson the "feared ones!' there were no apathetic name callers as then the game was played by gentlemen when gamesmanship and un-gentlemanliness in Cricket was taboo or literally unheard of other than the normal mild exchanges of dissent which never went beyond control.

So the 'Tough Mr.Gough', had better be advised that regardless of whether he is from, Barnsley, Stoke or Wapping: Hereford, Herts or Hants where "Hurricanes Hardly Happen!" he had better learn to contain himself and refrain from outbursts such as his latest one, bearing in mind that there are far better players than himself taking for example Sanath Jayasuriya, Roshan Mahanama,Arjuna Ranatunga and their counterparts from the fraternity of International Cricketers, the Bradmans, Huttons, Hammonds, LLoyds, Richards, Gavaskars, Comptons, Cowdreys, Gravenys, Greigs and Boycotts to name a few who carried themselves to Glory and walked with dignity in the face of the worst opposition than he probably has ever seen and yet maintained their decorum with never an attitude such as his which needs to be contained before he gets into dire straights.


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